Featuring Melanie Hope Greenberg

Hi everyone,

During Larry Dane Brimner’s workshop, “Getting the Gigs,” Melanie Hope Greenberg accepted his invitation to address the group about marketing. And during my Skype session about blogging, Melanie, ever the artist, sketched the scene.

I was taken by the sketch and asked Melanie if she would provide me with more information about herself as well as a few remarks about her own experience at the workshop. I’m glad she agreed! If you haven’t met Melanie, you are about to wonder why you never have. Melanie, it’s a pleasure. Thank you.
Author Larry Dane Brimner contacted me to present at his ‘Getting The Gigs’ marketing workshops for the Highlights Foundation. I was blown away by Larry’s offer because my marketing research includes industry articles he wrote. I was so lucky to be able to sit in on various sessions with the wonderful faculty Larry developed. No matter how long one has been in publishing there’s always something new to learn. Bringing first hand experience to the marketing table is helpful. Every book is unique like it’s author and/or illustrator. The victories or failures we’ve faced are plentiful and worth sharing. Marketing is not about one size fits all.

I believe the students at my session came away with a look at marketing from the point of view that is grassroots and how to market to their correct target audience. I found the wonderful sessions I attended with the other faculty members gave new perspectives on how to expand the horizons for my own picture books. I have tons of new marketing information and ideas in my notebook.

Which brings me to the sketches. During your particular insightful session about blogging, David, I doodled what I saw in the moment.
I also doodled what I was experiencing in the Highlights Barn / Conference room and my adorable cabin lodging.

Cabin Doodle

With all the fantastic notes I took away from the workshop sessions I totally forgot the doodle sketches were in the back of the notepad until I unpacked it at home. I thought they’d be a fun gift of appreciation so I posted the sketches on Facebook. They became a spontaneous good marketing example 😉

My goal is to consult with picture book authors and illustrators privately on how best to organize their marketing office, find their unique marketing voice, and their marketing audience. My contact is melanie@melaniehopegreenberg.com

* WEBSITE: http://www.melaniehopegreenberg.com
* BLOG: http://mermaidsonparade.blogspot.com
* HUFFINGTON POST: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/melanie-hope-greenberg/
* COLLECT MY ART: http://melaniehopegreenbergillustrations.blogspot.com
* NEW INTERVIEW for Writers Rumpus Blog – Marketing and More

Melanie, tell me something that not everyone knows about you.
David, Deloris McCullough and David Mowery — the division managers of Brooklyn Central Library Youth Wing — gave me the idea for my book, MERMAIDS ON PARADE. I gave them the dedication. When the book came out, they named me MerMel. (:> Mermaids on parade

Google Hangout Tuesday night

Hi everyone,

The other day I told you about the upcoming Google Hangout with Ruth Culham and four panelist authors. This is a reminder that the event is coming up next week on Tuesday night. We’ll have a rehearsal Monday night and then stand by for fun the following evening.

I hope you’ll hang out with us and tell anyone you know who might be interested to come too. It’s free and I like the topic of using mentor texts.

It’ll stream live on the IRA YouTube channel. The link is: http://www.reading.org/YouTube. When we’re finished it will be saved on the IRA YouTube page so people who couldn’t join us live will be able to watch it at their convenience.


Editors needed

Hi everyone,

Here’s a bulletin from Susan Tierney at Schoolwide Publishing.

Dear writers, instructors, editors, and friends,

The new digital classroom library at Schoolwide, where I’ve been Acquisitions Editor now for almost six months, is moving apace. I’m now looking for freelance editors, with the potential for a long-term contract, and possibly a permanent editing position down the line.

The work would be to review and rate the children’s manuscript submissions we receive, and/or take on editing of specific projects. We’re publishing everything from K-8 (and a little higher), fiction and nonfiction. We also have several editorial projects underway for the library that will need editors.

We’d prefer 20+ hours a week. We’d begin working on a monthly contract basis, say three months, and then evaluate on both sides and proceed from there.

If you, or anyone you know, has the experience and interest in working as an editor for a growing project, please have them contact me, and include a résumé.

Thanks very much!

Susan Tierney
Acquisitions and Development Editor
Schoolwide, Inc.

Cider Days

BULLETIN 2: A reminder about our new national Children’s Poet Laureate, Kenn Nesbitt’s, blog called Poetry Minute. His plan is to post a poem each day. He began posting in September. It’s an ambitious undertaking. If you haven’t visited the site yet, here’s the link. http://www.poetryminute.org . I encourage you to leave comments of encouragement. This site will provide plenty of reading pleasure for poetry lovers and should be a great teaching tool in classrooms across America and beyond.

BULLETIN 1: By the time I left the Imagination Library booth at 3:30 on Saturday, we had registered about 90 new children to receive free books each month until their fifth birthday. If we can repeat that today, it will be a weekend well spent.

Hi everyone,

Saturday and Sunday are Cider Days 2013 in Springfield on the block of Walnut Street between John Q. Hammons Parkway and National Avenue. Thousands will attend. http://www.itsalldowntown.com/event/ciderdays.

The Imagination Library committee will be there with a booth to distribute information and sign up parents for the program. Imagination Library is Dolly Parton’s idea and it’s free to parents who register their children under five. Each month until the child turns five, he or she receives a free book in the mail. It’s a wonderful way to encourage children to love books and reading. http://usa.imaginationlibrary.com .

If you’re in the area, I hope to see you there. Our booth is #114 and I’ll be there on Saturday from 1:30 -3:30. It’s a beautiful weekend so come on out.