Basket of Books

I’ve been asked if my books are available through my blog or website. When Kathy Temean and I were putting together the elements of my sites, I decided to leave out the sales pitch although I suppose that most readers know that I write books for a living and hope to see my work in the hands of more people over time, partly as a result of my efforts here.

But here’s a sales flyer that I want to show you. Boyds Mills Press and Wordsong have put together a basket of seven titles to make it easier for schools, libraries, and individuals who are interested in my work to order a balanced selection of titles that comes with a laminated teaching guide developed by educators to help make each book more meaningful to young readers.

I’m proud of this effort on my behalf. If you know someone you might like to order the basket, please pass on today’s post before the order deadline of July 31.

Of course you can buy my books in book stores or ask them to order any they don’t have in stock, and you can order titles on line through Barnes & Noble, Amazon, etc. For a complete list of my publications, go to my website under the Books page. Thank you.