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Hi everyone,
Last year my picture book, A PERFECT HOME FOR A FAMILY, went out of print at the same time it was selected by CBC (Children’s Book Council) for its 2015 Gifts Galore list. I retrieved my rights and Roberta Angaramo did the same for her charming illustrations.

I sent out a query to another publisher to bring the book back into print. I received an expression of interest for the story only, which would be re-illustrated by an artist they had in mind. Roberta and I decided we didn’t want to split up so I passed. She then tried a publisher in South Korea, Kyowon CO., LTD. Yesterday we received a contract offer for a Korean translation of our book with a first printing of 8,000 copies. I have a few questions to resolve but am hopeful that we’ll reach an agreement and sign an amended contract soon.

I’m particularly pleased because I’ve never been translated in Korean before. My books and poems have been translated by seventeen publishers into nine languages (including four times in Japanese, three times in German, and twice in Lithuanian) since THE BOY WITH A DRUM came out in Japanese in 1969, but never in Korean before. Other translations have come out in Africa, Norway, Israel, Netherlands, Italy, and France. My poetry has been published in English in India, France, and elsewhere.

New titles out this spring

Hi everyone,

The annual International Reading Association Conference is three weeks away. Here are my new titles that will be introduced at the conference. I didn’t start all of these at the same time. They just happened to come together in a bunch.

From Holiday House, a picture book: A PERFECT HOME FOR A FAMILY, beautifully illustrated by Roberta Angaramo.
A Perfect Home for a FamilyFrom Phoenix Learning Resources/Stourbridge: LET’S WRITE THIS WEEK WITH DAVID HARRISON. The Teacher Guide and Student Writing Journal were co-authored with Laurie Edmondson at Drury University.The kit also includes twenty 5-minute video sessions of me offering writing tips to students plus a set of three of my trade books used in the lessons.Lets Write Teacher GuideLets Write Journal.jpgLearning through Poetry - Consonant Blends.jpg From Shell Education/Teacher Created Materials/IRA: a set of five books titled LEARNING THROUGH POETRY. This was co-authored with Mary Jo Fresch at Ohio State University. Each book includes a CD containing the poems I wrote for that subject and recorded with Mary Jo. In all there are 96 poems.Learning through Poetry - Short Vowels.jpgLearning through Poetry - Rimes.jpgLearning through Poetry - Long Vowels.jpgLearning through Poetry - Consonants.jpgThis year’s conference is in San Antonio, one of my favorite cities.I hope to see some of you there.


Writers Hall of Fame

Hi everyone,

Many of you who live near Springfield may have already received the news release below about this year’s inductee into Writers Hall of Fame: Ridley Pearson. I hope you are already making plans to attend the gala event.
NEWS RELEASE: Ridley Pearson Wins 2013 Quill Award
Ridley Pearson, prize-winning co-author of the mega selling Peter and the Starcatchers as well as many other best- selling novels, has been awarded the 2013 Quill Award by the Writers Hall of Fame. The award will be presented to Pearson at the Quill Award Gala, Saturday, March 2, at The Tower Club. A limited number of tickets for the hors d’oeuvres buffet event are available for $35 each; tables seating ten are available for $300 per table. In addition to Pearson’s comments on his experience as a writer, the event will feature both live and silent auctions. All proceeds will fund scholarships awarded by the Writers Hall of Fame to promising young writers from area high schools. For tickets or further information, contact Kathy McQueen ( kathyd54@gmail.com or 368-1231).


At each of our award banquets we hold an auction to raise scholarship funds. This year I’m blessed with a number of new books coming out so I asked my publishers to provide copies for the auction and they’ve all been generous in their support. If you attend the banquet, I hope the following descriptions will help you decide which items might be right for you.

A Perfect Home for a Family

This new picture book from Holiday House stars a pair of raccoons with an urgent need to find a roomy, quiet home. The twins are due! Mama and Papa finally find a roomy, quiet attic, only to discover that they have a people infestation below their floor

The story begins like this:

“What’s that?” said Mama.
“What?” said Papa.
“That,” said Mama.
“Oh no,” said Papa.

Chaos and a happy ending ensue. Beautifully illustrated by award winning Italian artist Roberta Angaramo.
$16.95. I’ll sign it if you wish.
* * *

Learning through Poetry

I co-authored a set of five 136-page books for Shell Education with Mary Jo Fresch , professor of education at Ohio State University. My job was to create poems to demonstrate the language sounds that children learn to recognize as they develop reading skills. Here’s how the books are described by the publisher.



This must-have PreK-2 resource features short vowels and supports phonemic and phonological awareness through activities around level-appropriate poetry! Original poems are introduced and feature a corresponding lesson that includes two cross-curricular connections. The strategies provided in Learning through Poetry include phonemic matching, phonemic isolation, phonemic blending, phonemic substitution, and phonemic segmentation. Take-home activities are included to encourage linguistic interaction with friends and family members, which is especially useful for English language learners and their families. This book features digital resources that include activity pages, poems, family letters, and an audio recording of each poem. This resource supports the Common Core State Standards.

The five titles in the series are:
Each book is priced at $29.99 so the set of five has a value of $149.95. The 5 CDs contain a total of 96 original poems.
* * *


Let’s Write This Week with David Harrison

This is a hands-on, interactive, creative writing program that brings me into your classroom to help teach students how to write. This program is designed for use in grades 3-5, but can be used in later grades if desired.

The Let’s Write kit includes the following items:

 A two-disk set that contains 20 whiteboard lessons in which David Harrison talks directly to the students and leads them through the creative writing process.

 20 Student Journals (co-written with Drury University’s Laurie Edmondson) that provide headings to help students organize their thoughts and enforces consistent writing habits.

 The Teacher’s Guide (co-written with Laurie Edmondson) includes lesson plans specific to the 3 titles included in the kit, along with generic lesson plans for poetry, fiction and non-fiction writing.

 Three book titles are included in the kit. They are:
Dylan the Eagle-Hearted Chicken: A baby chicken hatches in an eagle’s nest.

Farmer’s Dog Goes to the Forest, Rhymes in Two Voices: Ever-curious Dog has questions in verse for his new forest friends
Earthquakes: What causes the Earth to quiver and shake? This basic introduction explains why the Earth’s surface sometimes moves.

Ruth Culham (of 6 +1 Traits of Writing fame) wrote the foreword. Here’s an excerpt: “David Harrison knows how to coach writers like few others. He’s a natural. And now, with this project, you get to have David in your classroom as often as you want. What could be better than having him at your side, helping you teach and support student writers so they achieve what often seems out of their grasp: writing well and enjoying the process. You’ll find this series instructive and practical. It’s both inspiring and original. There is nothing else like it in today’s teaching world featuring tips, lessons, and ideas galore that are central to David Harrison’s core philosophy: Let’s Write.

Priced individually, the components of LET’S WRITE THIS WEEK WITH DAVID HARRISON total $600. Buying it as a kit, the price is $499.00.

* * *

Buy Me at Auction

We tried this idea at last year’s banquet and raised $1,500, which is the equivalent of three $500 scholarships. I’ll go to a school (within easy driving distance) designated by the highest bidder and speak to students about writing. My talk will include many of the ideas in LET’S WRITE THIS WEEK WITH DAVID HARRISON. My standard speaker’s fee is $2,500 so someone might get a bargain. If you are interested in helping a school host a visit by me, please come prepared to bid. If you know others who might like to consider this, please pass the information along. This is all done in the spirit of nurturing young writers.

Bidding starts at $500

I hope to see some of you at the Award event to honor Ridley Pearson!


A Perfect Home for a Family

BULLETIN: B.J. Lee just added a new ekphrastic poem in response to Steven Withrow’s challenge posted on December 10. Scroll down and check it out.

A Perfect Home for a Family

Hi everyone,

I’ve been asked to post the cover of my picture book, which is due out on January 7. Here’s a peek. The link to Amazon is http://www.amazon.com/Perfect-Home-Family-David-Harrison/dp/0823423387/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1356014101&sr=8-1&keywords=a+perfect+home+for+a+family+david+harrison  and the link to Barnes & Noble is http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/a-perfect-home-for-a-family-david-l-harrison/1029278460?ean=9780823423385 .

As I’ve said before, Roberta Angaramo’s artwork is sensational! We hope to do something else together one of these days.

Keep those Christmas poems and memories coming. I got another one yesterday.


The December Word of the Month is . . .

BULLETIN: The new word of the month for December is WINDOW.

Hi everyone,

As I was leaving town for Portland last week the mail brought an f&g copy of my new picture book, A PERFECT HOME FOR A FAMILY. I’m delighted by the gorgeous artwork by Italian artist Roberta Angaramo (http://www.robertaangaramo.com/index.html ) It’s due for release on January 7. I’m sorry it isn’t available for Christmas but you can order it now for shipment as soon as it’s available. Here’s a link on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Perfect-Home-Family-David-Harrison/dp/0823423387/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1354278561&sr=8-1&keywords=a+perfect+home+for+a+family+by+david+l+harrison . I apologize for not making these links live. Something has gone wrong with my computer and I haven’t figured out yet how to fix the problems.

Some of you know the story behind this book. Three years ago raccoons moved into our attic. We eventually had to replace the roof in the process of ridding ourselves of the constant nightly patter of little feet. I wondered what they were thinking up there and decided that they were just as unhappy as we were. Who wants an infestation of people in the basement? I hope I make enough from this book to pay for that new roof!