Beware of ear worms

Hi everyone,

Jeff is fond of humming or singing a snatch of a tune two or three times to Jennifer because he knows that once she gets it in her head she has a hard time getting it out. So I wrote a poem about it. I shared it with Sylvia Vardell, who tells me there’s a term for this: ear worm. Someone is studying the phenomenon for a Ph.D. dissertation. Who knew!

If you’re an easy victim to ear worms, Jennifer shares your pain.

Tune Attack
by David L. Harrison

Beware the sudden tune attack —
An evil kind of luck —
The more you try to make it stop,
The more the tune stays stuck.

Someone else may start it,
And once they do it’s there,
Over and over and over and over
Until you pull your hair!

A tune attack goes on and on,
Even at night in bed,
Once it starts it never stops
Repeating inside your head.

There’s only one known remedy
To remove this curse from your brain —
Pass it on to someone else,
And watch THEM go insane.