And so we finish the year

Hi everyone,

Our temperature has turned colder. This morning it’s 27 degrees, as it was yesterday morning when I went out for the paper. I slept in so it was daylight when I went opened the garage door. I noticed up in the left corner, about where Charlotte would be, a small dead spider curled around her egg sack as though her last act was to protect the next generation.

With the tip of the paper I reached up and touched the spider gently. It suddenly unfolded and dropped six inches down a slender strand of silk. I was amazed it was still alive albeit slow and seemingly confused. I never cease to be amazed by how small creatures somehow survive until their reason for being as been completed.

We enjoyed so much having our family around us for Christmas. Yesterday we ate like royalty, thanks to Jennifer’s offering for breakfast and Jeff’s exquisite steak dinner. On Christmas Eve day Tim fixed the best turkey in the history of the world.
I, of course, served up Christmas ham.

Six days left of this year. If you haven’t posted a poem this month, you have plenty of time. Let’s see what you have.


Happy faces

Hi everyone,

A happy gathering of loved ones.