A second poem from GOOSE LAKE

Hi everyone,

When I went out for the paper, I smelled skunk in the air, which reminded me of another poem from GOOSE LAKE. Here’s another page from my one and only Amazon book, 2011. The illustration is by SLADJANA VASIC.

The lake behind our house entertains me. In, around, and above the water a cast of swimmers, flyers, hoppers, chirpers, croakers, honkers, quackers, and hissers comes and goes, lives or dies, eats or is eaten, each a valuable member of the lake’s community.
If only you could be here to share my binoculars when I look out my kitchen window or lounge beside the water at dusk. There are so many sights I would love to show you! Since you cannot join me in person, I’ll do the next best thing. I’ll bring Goose Lake to you. 

Sometimes skunks cross our yard
when it’s too dark to see black fur.
Their white bands jiggling up and down
seem to glow like skeleton bones
out to trick or treat.

This summer we saw
a mother of seven
doing her best to keep her kids
from wrestling in the street.

I wonder how many
passed their babyhood lessons,
advanced to mischievous youngsters
who may, as I sit here sniffing the air,
be target practicing
at a horrified
neighborhood cat.

(c) 2011 David L. Harrison, all rights reserved

Goose Lake, the book

Hi everyone,

I’m reading through a book of mine published in 2011, the only one I’ve ever published on Amazon. It’s called GOOSE LAKE, A Year in the Life of a Lake and was the result of many years of living near the lake and observing its moods and cycles. The book was illustrated just right by SLADJANA VASIC. If you want a copy, it’ll cost you a buck ninety-nine for a Kindle Edition.

Each spread has a prose element followed by a poem. This poem is called “Fog on the Water.”

Fog on the Water

This morning Goose Lake holds a cloud on her lap white and thick as a down comforter. Pity a Mallard lost on the water surrounded by Canadians -- a tug boat bobbing blindly among freighters. In an hour the fog will vanish. Like a magic trick its mist will freeze on trees, flashing diamonds on every bony finger, but now Goose Lake is a mystery lady covering her secrets in a white wrap.

Yard lights on the far bank
wink like fireflies probing the fog
for safe passage.

My hackberry trees
raise leafless arms,
prisoners surrendering
to an invisible foe.

Somewhere a duck without a body.
quacks to itself a lone note
that stirs no interest.

Mornings like this,
Goose Lake avoids company.
Her pulse slows.
Little moves or mutters.

It’s a KSMU Public Radio day

Hi everyone,

I look forward to meeting with MICHELE SKALICKY at KSMU this morning at 9:15 CT. Good news is that my editor for This Life, RACHEL ELAINA KERSEY, is joining us for the interview. Here’s Rachel on the day I signed the contract for the book. All the KSMU contact information is provided on my blog from two days ago.

I’ve very grateful for all the kind comments from readers who have finished reading This Life. Thank you very much! You can order a copy at this link: https://ozarksstudies.missouristate.edu/book-series.htm

I’m ready

Hi everyone,

I’ve completed the notes for the upcoming poetry book, made ready for tomorrow night at The Library Center, I made the video yesterday and sent it on its way, and am finishing my thoughts about the reading/signing at Pagination on Friday evening, Yesterday I pulled an old manuscript from the files and plan to get back to that next week. Feeling good!

Sketches are in!

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I received the sketches, for cover and all, for my next book of poems. GILES LAROCHE, who previously illustrated two other Charlesbridge books with me — NOW YOU SEE THEM, NOW YOU DON’T and A PLACE TO START A FAMILY — has done another magnificent job.

I need to review and respond to a few questions from our editor, KAREN BOSS, by next Tuesday. Then it all goes back to Giles so he can start on the finished artwork. I’m delighted to reach this stage!