Interview in Ozarks Alive

Hi everyone,

I am grateful to KAITLYN MCCONNELL for her interview of me that is now posted on the Ozarks Alive site:

I am honored to be added to the series of stories about people and times that help make the Ozarks the way they are. On the site, Kaitlyn describes its purpose like this.

My thanks to Nathan Papes, Springfield News-Leader, for the picture

What is Ozarks Alive?
Ozarks Alive is a cultural preservation project that seeks to document the region’s people and places. Since its inception in 2015, more than 450 stories have been published about the region and its people. Most of these pieces cover southwest Missouri, others dip down into Arkansas. And while some are historical in nature, the vast majority tell of what life is like today. 

I describe Ozarks Alive as historical preservation in the present. My goal is to document the way life is now so it’s better understood in the future.

You are welcome to leave a comment after the article if you wish. I’m sure everyone is busy on Thanksgiving Day and the various activities and sports events that are traditional at this time, but I hope a few of you might find time between dishes and football to give it a look. Kaitlyn is a pro and has done a thorough job with this story.