Writing contest and writers workshop in Missouri

THANKS to J. Patrick Lewis for providing the challenge of One-Worders. It was another entertaining exercise that stimulated a variety of genuinely witty offerings. It isn’t over. I hope to see other One-Worders posted in the days to come so if you’re attacked by a real gagger, by all means rush over and share it with us! For now I’m moving on to other matters but all you have to do is scroll down to the date, September 17, and post.

Hi everyone,

If you like to enter contests, Springfield (Missouri) Writers’ Guild is having one. Here’s the lowdown from Lee Ann Russell.

The Springfield Writers’ Guild is sponsoring a poetry contest. Entry deadline is September 30. E-mail Lee Ann Russell at lar1111@sbcglobal.net  for guidelines. (Put “contest” as the subject.)

Prizes range from $10 to $100 in eleven categories. Fees $2.00 and $3.00. Award ceremony October 27 at the Springfield Guild meeting. The nice thing is that you don’t have to be present to win.

On another front, if you live within driving distance (or just feel like flying), this reminder is for you. Writers Hall of Fame is now taking reservations for it’s upcoming writers workshop scheduled for October 13. Here’s the link to that. http://www.writershalloffame.org/index.html . When you get there, click on Download File, which is highlighted in blue on the left side below the announcement. I hope some of you can take advantage of this opportunity to share a day with others who are interested in the glorious sport of writing!


Update on blog auction, reminder of poetry workshop, plus good news from Lee Ann Russell

Hi everyone,

UPDATE: Tonight is the annual Writers Hall of Fame banquet. The silent auction I’ve told you about will end at 7:15. If you want to bid for the featured guest spot on my blog for yourself or someone you know, you need to do it no later than 7:15 this evening. If you want my cell number, contact me at davidlharrison1@att.net. I’ll keep my phone on during the auction to assist you in placing a bid or telling you where you stand if you’ve already placed one.

As of now the high bid stands at $100, which would be quite a bargain. Someone needs to add a few dollars to make this more interesting! Here’s the link for more information. https://davidlharrison.wordpress.com/2011/03/09/silent-auction-for-a-featured-spot/
REMINDER: There is still space available to join me in Honesdale, June 2-5, for my poetry workshop. I hope you are giving this serious thought. It’s a lovely location. I’ve been there a number of times and always look forward to returning. Honesdale is the original home of the founders of Highlights Magazine for Children. Editorial offices are there, including the office of Christine French Cully, who was my Featured Guest last Friday. Here’s the link for more information. Maybe you have a friend or member of your writing group who would also like to come.http://www.highlightsfoundation.org/pages/current/FWsched_writeAPoem_11.html.

Here’s a note from Highlights that just came in. You might share this with other writers you know.

March winds have already begun to blow away the winter writing doldrums. It’s time to brush the snow (or dust) off your manuscripts and breathe some life back into the resolutions you made at the first of the year.

You know the ones:

This year, I’ll finish that novel.

This year, I’ll polish my picture book.

This year, I’ll learn what it means to tell nonfiction stories, or turn my love of nature into articles, or have an expert critique my fantasy, or follow that urge to write poetry . . .

This year, I’ll attend a Highlights Foundation workshop.


Lee Ann Russell has shared a number of her poems with us on Word of the Month Poetry Challenge. Lee Ann has some exciting news and I asked her permission to add it to today’s post. Here’s her note.


I was notified Tuesday that out of 2,700 (!) entries, my poem, “Last Call,” placed 7th in the annual Writer’s Digest Magazine Poetry Contest. It is a 32-line, traditional rhyming poem. I’m very pleased that a rhyming poem placed. I don’t yet know, but bet other winners are free verse.

The winners’ names and poem titles will be in the July/August edition, then online, and the top 50 poems will be published in a booklet.

How ’bout that!

Lee Ann

Congratulations, Lee Ann! This is quite an accomplishment. Thanks for sharing your good news with us.