A little Greek in all of us

Hi everyone,

We’re beginning to get our heads back in CST but it hasn’t been easy. Last night we crashed at 9:30 (my M.O.W. insists it was 8:30), and this morning at 3:30 she bounced out of bed and started ironing and cleaning house.

In eleven days we visited Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, and Delos. Quick impressions: pigeons, stray cats, sun, rocks, narrow crowded streets, buses, motorcycles, restaurants, shops, friendly helpful people, quirky electricity in rooms governed by room keys, low hard beds, excellent food, lots of fish on menus, good wine at good prices, ancient ruins, acropolis, temples, hedgehog, difficult walking over rocky uneven surfaces, wandering dogs, beaches with rocks and gravel instead of sand, treacherous footing getting into and out of the water, some women who forgot to pack their swimsuit tops, white buildings, blue waters, majestic scenes.

This was Greece, where so much happened that helped shape our ideas about democracy. We were there! We walked where fabled statesmen and philosophers and teachers worked and thought and taught and made history. And we had the pleasure of enjoying it all with our good friends, Mary Jo and Hank Fresch. I’ll show you a few more pictures along the way but don’t want to bore you with them.