Not everything rhymes in paradise

Hi everyone,

Our condo is twenty years old and we are being reminded of it. Our refrigerator stopped cooling properly a few days ago. Perishable foods are in danger while we wait for a serviceman to arrive this morning to let us know if our refrigerator can be repaired or must be replaced. Meanwhile, our water heater needs to be replaced so we’re getting bids for that. Meanwhile, water is leaking down through the ceiling in one of the bathrooms, coming from a unit somewhere above us. Plumbers are working on that one. At the moment we have a large hole cut in the ceiling of the bathroom and a plastic tub on the floor to catch the water.

On more pleasant matters, famous early literacy authority DR. TIMOTHY (TIM) RASINSKI has posted, in anticipation of Presidents’ Day on February 20, two poems, one by KENN NESBITT and one by me. In 2013 the Poetry Foundation named Kenn as Children’s Poet Laureate. My poem first appeared in RHYMES FOR THE TIMES, LITERACY STRATEGIES THROUGH SOCIAL STUDIES, co-authored with Rasinski and published in 2016 by Shell Education. Here’s the link to Tim’s post.

The wait for early responses

Hi everyone,
David from 417 Magazine
So much about writing involves waiting. The wait for an idea. The wait for an editor’s response. The wait for a contract. For the artist to complete his/her work. For the book to finally be released. And then, the most painful wait of all — waiting for responses from readers.
RHYMES FOR THE TIMES, LITERACY STRATEGIES THROUGH SOCIAL STUDIES, came out last month. Educational books aren’t reviewed much. Mostly the feedback comes from individuals who have read the book and put it to use. I’ve had some lovely comments already and love to hear from those who like it.

Not as much yet from the NOW YOU SEE THEM, NOW YOU DON’T, which came out this month. A couple of nice comments on Amazon; nothing so far on B&N. Ratings and reviews on the electronic sites don’t constitute the whole sales story by any means, but they are the most accessible. I hope to see more activity in the coming weeks as word gets around on both books.61wO366ugqL__AA160_

In the meantime I have some nice news coming up. More tomorrow.