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REMINDER: Yesterday saw a lot of activity on all three current challenges so I’m leaving this post up as a reminder again today. David

BULLETIN: We’ve just received a poem by Wajeeha, posted in our Young Poet section. It’s powerful. I hope you’ll go read it. My thanks to Wajeeha for sharing this work.
Hooray! Adam just joined us too! I love it when our young poets join us. Thanks, Adam!

Hi everyone,

In case you need a program to keep up with current activities, we have three in play. They are: 1) Word of the Month Poetry Challenge for May (FOG); Theme of the Month for May (FISHING); and Caption that Cartoon (with Rob Shepperson).

Just scroll down this page to find Theme of the Month and Caption that Cartoon. As you know, Word of the Month has its own page so click on that to post your poem and/or comments.

Have fun!


Caption that cartoon

Hi everyone,

I’m delighted to feature another thought provoking and outright funny drawing by Rob Shepperson. We’ve played the “Caption that Cartoon” game a number of times and it always attracts a crowd of  amused onlookers and a bunch of witty contributors.

Rob and I have collaborated on two books: BUGS, POEMS ABOUT CREEPING THINGS and VACATION, WE’RE GOING TO THE OCEAN. Rob’s credits span a wide range, including Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times Book Review, and Newsweek, not to mention his other book partnerships.  The best way to learn more about Rob Shepperson is to visit his website at .

Put on your thinking cap, sharpen your pencil, and caption this cartoon! Thanks Rob. I love this one too.



Caption That Cartoon is back

Hi everyone,

Considering the season at hand, this new drawing from humorist Rob Shepperson ought to stimulate quivers full of ideas!

For more about Rob and his many talents, please check his website. .

I hope to see some comments about Rob’s wonderful contributions to this challenge. He’s supplying these funny pictures that both tickle us and inspire our wit.

Thank you Rob!

Word of the Month poems

Hi everyone,



Hi everyone,

My thanks to Mary Jo Fresch for sharing these recording session pictures from her camera. I’ve already talked about the purpose for being there but wanted to post these because they’re so much better.

Tomorrow is the last day to post your Word of the Month poems so be sure you don’t forget. Friday starts a new month with a new word. Thanks to Steven Withrow, it’s a dandy.

I think it’s about time for another J. Patrick Lewis challenge. Tomorrow I’ll ask him if he has something else up his sleeve. Jane? Steven? Anyone else have a challenge for us? Let’s hear from you.

It’s also high time for another round of CAPTION THAT CARTOON. So Rob Shepperson, if you’re reading this, be prepared for another of my whiny requests.

More anon,


Caption that Cartoon is back!

BULLETIN: Today’s must see is No Water River, Renee LaTulippe’s wonderful site at .  She is not only hosting Poetry Friday but also celebrating her first anniversary with No Water River, bloopers and all. Go see for yourself and enjoy! Oh yes, I won a free trip with Renee to 1883. I’m a little hazy on the details.

REMINDER: Even though we’ve posted a new challenge today, contributions to Pat Lewis’s careerymes continue to flow in. Over the three days I left the post up, this blog received more activity and comments than during any previous three-day period since I started in October, 2009. More good ones have gone up already today. THANKS, PAT!

Hi everyone,

It has been a while since Rob Shepperson tantalized us with one of his captionless drawings and dared us to test our wits thinking of the perfect caption. I asked for a new one and, as always, he graciously came through. Here goes.

Cop with alien

So what do you think? Ready, set, go!

As many of you know, Rob is a popular, multitalented editorial artist for many newspapers and magazines. He lives in Croton-on-Hudson, New York. Rob has also illustrated a number of books, including titles by Carolyn Coman and the illustrious David Harrison. Check Rob’s site at .