Lessons learned on the playground

Hi everyone,

A few weeks ago I made this video for a Charlesbridge promotion about FIRST DAY JITTERS. That’s the title of a book written by Julie Danneberg. Thinking back to my early (if not first) school experiences, I remembered the first time I got in trouble at school. Here’s the result. It’s not the most flattering camera angle but I suppose it’s the way I appear to people who look up at me. Or maybe I was just having a bad bag day. So darn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!

On the first day

Hi everyone,

I made a little 3-minute video two days ago, thanks to the wonderful help of Donna Spurlock, Director of Marketing at Charlesbridge. It’s about a memory from my first day of school. I can’t wait to see how it turns out and to share it with you one of these days. I don’t know the schedule yet.

What can you remember from first grade? School then was different in many ways from today’s version, but I’m going to read my first-day memory at Watkins Elementary on Monday and I bet some of the kids will understand. I’ll let you know.

A frightful thing coming your way soon

Hi everyone,

Some of you have already discovered Renee LaTulippe’s FB post on Friday about a bit of Halloween silliness we engaged in to celebrate this bootiful season. She plans to post the video on Monday so stay tuned.
Renee LaTulippe reading
We wrote the poem together and Renee scripted, directed, and produced it. I wrote some of mine during the day Thursday while talking to kids at the Children’s Literature Festival of the Ozarks. I stopped at one point to hold up my phone to show them that creative types are always at work, even when they’re at work.

Check it out on Monday. If you like it — and who doesn’t like Renee! — pass it around.

And here’s the video I was looking for

Hi everyone,

I made this for Halloween last year but see no reason not to pull it out of YouTube land for another season.

The dim lighting is intentional. For best results, turn up your volume. If you know any young Shakespeare lovers, DOUBLE, DOUBLE, TOIL AND TROUBLE should cure them.