Kathy Temean features THE DIRT BOOK

Hi everyone,

I’m grateful to Kathy Temean for featuring THE DIRT BOOK on her blog today. Here’s the link.https://kathytemean.wordpress.com/2021/05/25/book-giveaway-the-dirt-book-by-david-l-harrison/#comment-122397 Give it a look and get a chance to win a free copy. The book will start shipping on June 8.

Kate Cosgrove illustrated THE DIRT BOOK beautifully, just as she did on AND THE BULLFROGS SING. Kate, it’s good so see you on Kathy’s feature today. I want to say again how much I love your work and hope we get a chance to partner again one of these days soon.

The Dirt Book is posted on Amazon

Hi everyone,

It’s a long time till June, 2021, but I’m happy to see that Holiday House has already posted my next book for preordering.
Here’s the Table of Contents–Dirt Recipe At the Roots of Things, Doodlebug: One Way Ride, Trap Door Spider: The Waiting Game, Earthworm: Dirty Work, Ant: City Builder, Grub: Grass Killer, Mouse: Nightfall Calls, Bumblebee: Planning for Spring, Yellow Jacket Wasp: Warning! Warning! Warning!, Mole: Worm Search, Toad: Bedtime, Chipmunk: Busy, Busy, Busy!, Gopher Tortoise: The Innkeeper, And Now We Know, Author Notes. This is David L. Harrison and Kate Cosgrove’s second nature book together after AND THE BULLFROGS SING. This book has been vetted by an expert. It includes back matter and a bibliography.

BULLFROGS in paperback

Hi everyone,

Home again after three weeks in Santa Rosa Beach. Great new memories with Jeff, Jennifer, Robin, Tim, and Kris. Today it’s back to the regular routine and getting caught up on mail, which he put on hold while we were gone.

One of the items I’ve been eager to open was the box of paperback editions of AND THE BULLFROGS SING, which arrived right after we left. I saw it delivered via my front door camera so I knew it was here.

I sat down to admire once again the beautiful illustrations by Kate Cosgrove. This book was chosen by the Maryland Library Association as an Honor Book for beginning nonfiction in the 2020 Maryland Blue Crab Young Reader Award voting. I’m so pleased to see it now made available by Holiday House in paperback for $8.99 to make it more affordable for a wider audience.

Living alone together

Hi everyone,

Here’s the flight Jeff was on going back to Portland yesterday. Just surreal.
I had a lunch meeting set with two others to discuss a cancelled event where I was scheduled to speak. We’ve had to cancel the lunch because restaurants are only serving carryout. Instead we’ll meet at the home of one of the guys and he’ll prepare the meal.

Yesterday I received a rejection on one manuscript but also heard potentially fun news about AND THE BULLFROGS SING. More about that if and when it develops. Still waiting for the first reader reviews of AFTER DARK. I sent off a new proposal and started a new poem. Good week so far. I went into Walgreens to pick up a prescription and was met by a flow of people coming out with toilet paper. I guess a new supply had just gone on the shelves. I bought some too. What the heck. What I really needed was coffee. Forgot that.


Hi everyone,

My picture book, AND THE BULLFROGS SING, which came out last year from Holiday House, has been selected as an honor book for the 2020 Maryland Blue Crab Young Reader Award in the Beginning Non-Fiction category by the Children’s Services Division of the Maryland Library Association. The awards were announced yesterday during the Kids Are Customers conference at the Owings Mills Branch of the Baltimore County Public Library.

According to the letter I received, “Your book’s selection was made by a committee of children’s librarians based on many criteria, including: overall child appeal; appropriateness of the text to support the needs of young readers; literary merit; quality of illustrations and how they support or extend the text; visual appeal; and the overall spirit of the book. Congratulations again, and thank you for your wonderful contribution to literature for young readers!”

Onward and upward!