Word of the month for July is . . .

Hi everyone,

I choose this month’s word challenge with confidence that I won’t screw up and name a word used previously. Know why? Because of Cory Corrado, that’s why!

Just look at the lovely gift she has sent me, a booklet listing every word I’ve used since the beginning in 2009. They’re listed alphabetically! And she included a printout of all words by month and year, in which it’s apparent that on five occasions I have indeed reused a word.

So here is the all new, never ever used before Word of the Month word for July! It is FRESH.

Go for it, ladies and gentlemen!


My Word of the Month poem for June

Hi everyone,

Here’s my Word of the Month poem for June inspired by our word: SOUR.

Chasing the Sour

Sour mood in that pretty head?
Honey, feed it sourdough bread.
Chase that mood that got you down.
Sourdough chase it out of town!
Take this cup of sourdough starter,
Add a cup and a half of water.
Child, this mood just ain’t your fault!
Mix with sugar, corn oil, salt.
Sift some flour till its right.
Oil your bowl, set overnight.
Tomorrow, kneed, divide in two.
Darling, this is good for you!
Let that dough just grow and grow,
Till pretty soon why don’t you know
It’s time to bake a golden brown.
And now what happened to that frown?
Sour mood in that pretty head?
Honey, feed it sourdough bread.

(c) 2018 by David L. Harrison, all rights reserved

The Word of the Month word for June is . . .

Hi everyone,

Cory Corrado, do you still keep track of the words we’ve used over the years? You updated me a while back but once again I’ve failed to keep my list current. You are our only hope!!

I’m thinking we haven’t used SOUR yet. Unless you catch me repeating myself, let’s see what all you poets can create this month with a sour inspiration.

Word of the Month update

Hi everyone,

For some reason the word for May — MOUSE — isn’t resonating with many of you. Through this morning we’ve had only five poems, counting mine, posted all month.

Interestingly, of the four other poets, Cory Corrado, Jeanne Poland, Bryn Strudwick, and Jane Yolen, three countries are represented, four if you count the time Jane spends in Scotland. Also, Susan Hutchens posted a mouse poem that I overlooked earlier.

Have I missed anyone? Sing out if you posted on a regular post rather than on Adult “W.O.M.” Poems because I might have missed you. Otherwise, let’s see more mouse-inspired poems, people! Squeak up!

My Word of the Month poem

BULLETIN: Happy birthday, to my lovely daughter Robin Williams!

Hi everyone,

Last month I was late so I thought I should start early in May.

The Mouse

What sets apart the timid mouse
from dolphin, raccoon, baboon, louse,
puppy, alligator, slug,
rabbit, turtle, bullfrog, bug,
chicken, piglet, pony, steer,
blue whale, earthworm, groundhog, deer —

is with a single
the mouse can make
a human

(c) David L. Harrison, all rights reserved