My Word of the Month poem for May

Hi everyone,

Here’s my JOKE inspired poem for May. Oops. Found myself on a soapbox.

Where are the Jokes?

I miss the days
when jokes were clean but funny,
when comics didn’t think
they must be crude.
Who are these guys
so proud of being lewd?
Why do we laugh
when potty mouths turn runny?
F-bombs are not the test
of humor, folks.
Have we lost the art
of telling funny jokes?

(c) 2019 David L. Harrison, all rights reserved

And the Word of the Month word for May is . . .

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Hi everyone,

We finished with a surprising flourish in April. Way to go everybody!

Now let’s see what you can do with our new word for May. Drum roll please.

Our new word is JOKE.


Last chance to surprise your fans

Hi everyone,

My thanks to everyone for the many good poems this month. At last count we had 45 poems and comments under Adult W.O.M. Poems and another 13 under Young Poets W.O.M. Poems, plus those that were posted on the blog page itself. Way to go!

A special thanks to the young poets who surprised us this month by joining the fun with their own original poems. That was a special highlight for April. We hope to hear from them and other students again this and other months to come.

If you have been holding back all month telling yourself you’ll get around to writing a poem inspired by our April word, SURPRISE, today is your last chance! Let’s hear from you. If you work better under pressure, here’s your opportunity to show it.

Tomorrow the April word and all those glittering poems and words of cheer come down to make way for the word for May. Another month, another clean slate to write on. Can’t wait!

And the word of the month word for April is . . .

Hi everyone,

Spring just can’t decide on a plan around here. The geese keep wandering around in pairs but I haven’t spotted any on nests yet. (The picture is from two years ago.)

This has been a year of climatic surprises so let’s go with SURPRISE for the word for April. Thanks for all the good poems you posted in March. I look forward to your April surprises!

The Word of the Month word for March is . . .

Hi everyone,
Thanks to all the poets who joined us during the final days and hours of February. Many of the poems we saw over the past month are quite good. On behalf of everyone who read and appreciated them, thank you. Now that you are into writing new poems, have another go at it in March. Here is your new word:


What do you think? Can you write poems inspired by ME? Of course you can, and I look forward to reading your brilliant gems.