Challenging the poetry challenge

Hi everyone,

As months and years have slipped by since I established the Word of the Month Poetry Challenge, we’ve enjoyed hundreds of poems by dozens of poets. Some of you rarely miss a month. Others pop up less often but generally leave comments of encouragement for poets who have posted.

So here’s a question for anyone who cares to reply. Do you think that participating in the challenge to write a poem now and then inspired by a single word and commented on by fellow poets has been of any benefit to your writing? I’m not asking because I contemplate dropping this feature of my blog. I just wonder how you feel about it. Thanks.

My Word of the Month poem for November

Hi everyone,

Here’s my Word of the Month poem inspired by the word, US:

Here’s to Us

For those of us
Who spend our time
Mining words, rhythm, rhyme,
And find the drudgery sublime,
Here’s to us.

For those of us
Who dream at night
Tomorrow we’ll resume the fight,
Tomorrow we will get it right,
Here’s to us.

For those of us
Who once in a while
Capture what we mean with style
And write one line that makes us smile,
Here’s to us!

(c) David L. Harrison, all rights reserved