My Word of the Month poem for May

Hi everyone,

I’m happy to add my effort for May inspired by GRASS. My thanks to all who have already posted their poems, and shamey shamey on all who have not yet posted theirs. See how holier than thou I get after I’ve finished mine? Kind of like how you smile after getting your teeth cleaned.

Thank you for the swell picture, Nathan Papes, Springfield News-Leader
The Grass

The grass enfolds secrets in green silence,
lies like a hug where children play,
is a witness to worms meeting bird-fate
and spiders doomed to feed wasp babies.

The grass offers privacy to roots nursing plants,
a roof over homeless beetles,
a refuge for small white moths on hot days,
an invitation to dogs on leashes.

The grass heals itself from mower wounds,
returns each year to carry in spring,
nurtures dandelions and small wild berries.
The grass caresses bare feet, and lovers.

(c) 2022 David L. Harrison 

And the new Word of the Month Word is…

Hi everyone,

I thought legs would be a good word for April but I don’t think we had as many posts as usual. I suppose I could make May’s word neck or toe or something, but I think I’ll move away from body parts and try something else for this month.

How about something more seasonal? How about GRASS? I like it. You like it? Then let’s do it! I may not get a chance to remove April poems and comments for a few days. Forgive me if that confuses you.

My Word of the Month poem for April

Hi everyone,

Here’s a poem for legs. Remember, this month I said you can post as many poems as you wish.


Alas on the day they passed out legs
and the worm crawled out of his hole,
supplies were gone, poor soul,
down to the flimsiest off-size peg.

“Gone? Gone? Not a leg to be had?”
The worm cried, “What can I do?”
The snake had missed out too!
They crawled off legless, wingless, and sad.

In time the worm crawled out of sight
and learned to live with his fate.
The snake, who was also late,
instead of adjusting, decided to bite.

(c) 2022 David L. Harrison

The Word for April is . . .

Hi everyone

My thanks to everyone for your inspired poems and comments for March. You outdid yourselves! I double-dog-dare you to do even more and better in April. After all, this is National Poetry Month. We mustn’t let the month for poetry pass without our best efforts!

Unless I’ve miscounted, this marks the 150th consecutive month that you and I have been making poetry here. Hasn’t it been fun? To mark this special milestone I’m stretching the one-poem-per-month rule for one of the few times. In April, feel free to post as many poems as you wish.

Here’s your prompt word: LEGS


Word of the Month word for March

Hi everyone,

Thanks one and all for the good poems and comments in February. Word of the Month continues to provide a place where all who write poems for children are welcome and supported in their efforts, no matter at what stage they have reached along their learning curve. I’m proud of that.

Here we go into March, as surprising as it may seem. The news is full of stories these days, many of them sad, frightening, frustrating, and foreboding. But good stories are there, too, for those who seek them. — human stories, personal stories, our stories. I predict that March is going to produce another bumper crop of excellent thinking and writing. Our prompt word is STORY/STORIES. Let’s do it!