Another memory poem

Hi everyone,

A slightly different approach to a “memory” poem. (:>

A Mosquito’s Memories

I remember buzzing around
someone’s feet.

I remember someone yelling,
“Get the Deet!”

I remember a spray can,

but after that,

honestly all that I recall



(c) David L. Harrison


My Word of the Month memories poem

Hi everyone,

Here’s my contribution to this month’s poetry challenge. It began when Sandy and I were sitting close to the freshly covered pool, taking a short break before getting back to patio duty. The day was windy. Leaves from the maple tree were blowing across the sky blue cover and dancing on each new breeze. I thought I could see a slight undulation of the cover that gave an appearance of breathing.


Under leafy constellations
wheeling across a vinyl sky,
the pool rests. Its breast
rises and falls gently
as it recalls spring,
breeze massages,
fresh pollen powdering its skin.

The pool remembers toads swimming
on balmy nights, looking for love,
skimming insects, scooping tiny drinks,
dragonflies darting like hawks,
doomed spiders tickling with thrashing legs
as they perished to their fate below.

The pool remembers water games,
churning feet, heels that hit bottom hard,
sparks of bright light when rubber
balls fractured the surface
and bright divots danced in the sun.

So many memories, enough to last
through cold, silent nights
below the vinyl heaven.
At peace, the pool settles
for the long wait till spring.

© by David L. Harrison
All rights reserved

My Word of the Month poem for August

Hi everyone,

Here’s my poem inspired by the word “gone.” This poem is original and written for today’s post. The art is reprinted from my one and only e-book, GOOSE LAKE, beautifully illustrated by Sladjana Vasic. Thanks again, Sladjana!

The Visit

It came upon the lake
late one afternoon,
wings softly pummeling the air
as it wheeled, deciding where
to rush down onto the water.
Its sudden appearance,
noted by many, startled the day.

Familiarity restored, routine returned,
but for the great white-robed guest
gliding with grace,
as royalty moves among commoners,
aware of their presence without curiosity.

The sun set, rolling down its curtain
across the stage, leaving the players free
to spend the dark hours as they would.

Morning arrived
dramatically disguised as fog,
allowing time for all to find their places.
When the moment came,
and the fog dissolved,
the swan was gone.

(c) poem by David L. Harrison
(c) art by Sladjana Vasic
from GOOSE LAKE, e-published 2011

Word of the Month word for August is . . .

Hi everyone,

July cannot be gone! I’m just getting used to writing 2017 and suddenly there only five months remaining in it. I might as well start practicing 2018.

I therefore proclaim the Word of the Month Poetry Challenge word to be GONE. I hope you have fun with it. I predict it will be a good one.

On your mark, get set, go!