Word of the Month word for April . . .

Hi everyone,

I’m looking at a small, hand-stitched, felt earth by my sweet friend and fellow poet Eileen Spinelli, for which I’m very grateful. It reminds me, as it is supposed to do, that we’re sailing through space on the only ride we have. It’s surely worth thinking about as we write our poems for April. Let’s see what EARTH inspires. I hope to see many approaches and applications as those clever minds of yours begin to share your efforts. Thanks in advance.


My Word of the Month poem

Hi everyone,

Here’s my Word of the Month poem inspired by TIMELESS.

Timeless Mystery

Some moments last forever in my mind,
Timeless memories that stitch my soul,
Shape the man by how they’ve been combined.

Unbidden, unexpectedly I find
Me, at six, probing a rabbit hole.
Why should this last forever in my mind?

Perhaps the curiosity was the kind
That led to science, nature, played a role
In shaping the man by how they’ve been combined,

And maybe not. Who knows what’s behind
Those timeless times that dig in like a mole
And somehow last forever in my mind?

Better, I think, to leave them undefined,
Appreciate them taken as a whole
For shaping the man by how they’ve been combined.

Still I marvel how they’ve intertwined.
Beyond my wit to exercise control,
Some moments last forever in my mind
And shape the man by how they’ve been combined.

(c) by David L. Harrison, all rights reserved

And the word for February is . . .

Hi everyone,

Tell me the truth. Do you think it’s time I stopped long enough to declutter my office? Spoiler alert: my M.O.W. says it is.

Which leads me to this month’s Word of the Month Poetry Challenge. For the first time I’m leaving the word up to you. Look at my office, choose a word to describe it, and let that word become your inspiration for this month’s poem.

And please note how brave I am!

Word of the Month word for January . . .

Hi everyone,

Here we go with another fresh slate on which to record our unfolding histories. To help accomplish it, we’ll begin with a new word to challenge our imaginations. This one was suggested by Jane Yolen, and it’s RETURN.

What does this word tell you? What does it mean? How will it lead forward by returning to . . . what? Can’t wait to discover the magic in one word. Off we go!