My December Word of the Month poem

Hi everyone,
Here’s my December poem told in a Curtal sonnet.

Making it for Mom

Back in the 50s they called it junior high.
In 8th grade I took a class called shop.
I knew little about tools but I could draw.
I approached the coming experience with many a sigh,
Totally intimidated by the backdrop
Of machinery pounding, grinding, the shriek of saw.

First we had to imagine, visualize,
And draw what we hoped to make without a flaw.
Too bad I couldn’t draw it and then stop.
My glue-smeared ice bucket was no prize.
But mom said, “Awe.”

(c) David L. Harrison

Beginning my Word of the Month poem

BULLETIN: I finished the first draft at 9:50. I’ll be ready to post tomorrow.

Hi everyone,
Here’s the format I’ll work with today for the Curtal sonnet.


The rules will require me to include five stressed syllables in each line so I’ve indicated them here. I’m allowed as many unstressed syllables as needed so I have not included them in this schematic. The a rhyme will appear two times. The b rhyme will appear three times, the c rhyme four times, and the d rhyme twice. Feel free to join me with one of your own if you like.

My November Word of the Month poem

Hi everyone,

“Don’t tell a soul,”
I say sincerely,
meaning you’re
the tenth I’ve told,
knowing with
my trusted friends
my secret will be
cheaply sold
to every friend
they know or will,
“Don’t tell a soul,”
until each friend
is out of friends
and only then,
if truth be told,
my secret will be
safe at last,
no need to say,
“Don’t tell a soul.”

by David L. Harrison

My Word of the Month poem

Hi everyone,

Ahem. The word is EXERCISE.
I Need To

I need to get more exercise
I need to slim my thunder thighs
I need to make my belly flat
I need to lose a roll of fat
I need to fix my saggy butt
I need to tighten up my gut
I need to smooth my wrinkled neck
I need to exercise but heck
I need to be a better man
I need to start my day with bran
I need to learn to listen more
I need to sleep but never snore
I need to think before I speak
I need to turn the other cheek
I need to stop at fewer beers
I need to trim my hairy ears
I need to need to stop the talk
I need to need to walk the walk

~~ (c) David L. Harrison

The Word of the Month for October

Hi everyone,
David from 417 Magazine
I’m glad I showed up for work yesterday. Had a slow start but got in a groove before long and the writing flowed well. You never know.

And here we are at October’s door and time for a new Word of the Month Poetry Challenge word. This is our seventh anniversary without missing a month since 2009. Therefore, let the word be EXERCISE because writing W.O.M. poems is a good way to stretch and keep fit.

I like special dates like this one and hope we’ll see a lot of poets join the celebration during the month. Looking forward to seeing your brainchildren,