The word for February’s Word of the Month Poetry Challenge is …

Hi everyone,

With thanks to JOY ACEY for providing YOU for January, here is the word of the month for February: US. I’m eager to see what you/we do with us.

We had some exceptional poems in January. I think we’re making a lot of good poetry and getting our exercises to work in our favor. Thanks everyone. Keep it up!

My Word of the Month poem for January

Hi everyone,

Here’s my Word of the Month poem for January. Now I can feel smug and nag those of you who haven’t done yours yet!


I know you by your pictures.
You’re so proud of your family.
You love pretty sunsets,
flowers, rivers, reading books.

I know you by your comments,
not so much what you say
as how you say it.
Your words comfort me.

Distance keeps us from meeting for lunch,
but I’m very glad to know you.
Time passes but you are always there.
I imagine you at your keyboard,
imagining me at mine.

If we made lists of good friends,
I would think of you.
I think you would think of me too.

And the first Word of the Month word for 2023 is…

Hi everyone,

Right on time, here is our first word challenge word for the new year, thanks to our old friend and poet, JOY ACEY FRELINGER. Here is how she put it.

My selection for the January word is “You.” The “Y” is like standing with your arms open wide to take everything or everybody in a great hug. The circular “o” reminds us every good poem makes a circle with a good beginning, middle and end.

And the “u” tells us we are all in the experience of the poem together.

It should be an easy word for all of us to easily use to start the new year.

Hou’oli makahiki hou.

My poem for December

Hi everyone,

Here’s my poem for December, inspired by our Word of the Month, REINDEER.

Baby Reindeer

As she wobbles to her feet
and focuses her eyes,
the first things the newly born baby sees are legs,
an unknowable number of legs,
as the herd grazes around her.
Her spindly four add little to the herd
of 600,000.

She has much to do
before cold weather comes
and the herd migrates for the winter.
She has much mother’s milk to drink.
She must grow, learn to eat grass and lichen,
thicken her fur enough to survive
killing nights of 60 below.

Life is harsh, so far north.
Baby reindeer knows nothing 
of deer that fly, magical elves.
She eats, grows, stays with the herd,
hangs onto life.
It’s the only story she will ever know.

(c) 2022 David L. Harrison

And the word for December is . . .

Hi everyone,

I’d no sooner posted about the slight delay than I heard from our host, SUSAN CARMICHAEL, with the word for December. Thank you, Susan! In this 2011 picture, Susan is on the left chatting with HEIDI MORDHORST.

The word Susan has chosen to inspire our December poems is REINDEER! This should be a fun one. Ready? Set? Go! And thank you, Susan, for being such a good sport when I let the time slip by!