Summing up

Hi everyone,

It has been a busy week. I submitted for the first time the Middle Grade novel that I started in June, 2018. Yesterday TIM RASINSKI and I submitted, also for the first time, a book idea we’ve been developing. I submitted two stories from the files, one of them twice, signed books at Sundog, and took part in a Zoom meeting with my co-authors and our editor at Benchmark about a book that has been underway for some time now and is nearing completion.

I also finished my poem for Word of the Month Poetry Challenge for March. I’ll post it tomorrow. And on Sunday, something from the Dead Letter file…

Getting back to work

Hi everyone,

This will be a good week, I think. I expect to finish the preparations and make the proposal for a new education book with TIM RASINSKI and I also hope to complete the last tweaks to the long story and get that off to an editor or two. There’s a travel day involved and on Wednesday I’ll sign books at Sun Dog, but I still think I can stay on schedule.

Thank you again for all the sweet notes of sympathy. I read them all and appreciated each one.

Not everything rhymes in paradise

Hi everyone,

Our condo is twenty years old and we are being reminded of it. Our refrigerator stopped cooling properly a few days ago. Perishable foods are in danger while we wait for a serviceman to arrive this morning to let us know if our refrigerator can be repaired or must be replaced. Meanwhile, our water heater needs to be replaced so we’re getting bids for that. Meanwhile, water is leaking down through the ceiling in one of the bathrooms, coming from a unit somewhere above us. Plumbers are working on that one. At the moment we have a large hole cut in the ceiling of the bathroom and a plastic tub on the floor to catch the water.

On more pleasant matters, famous early literacy authority DR. TIMOTHY (TIM) RASINSKI has posted, in anticipation of Presidents’ Day on February 20, two poems, one by KENN NESBITT and one by me. In 2013 the Poetry Foundation named Kenn as Children’s Poet Laureate. My poem first appeared in RHYMES FOR THE TIMES, LITERACY STRATEGIES THROUGH SOCIAL STUDIES, co-authored with Rasinski and published in 2016 by Shell Education. Here’s the link to Tim’s post.

About to finish one

Hi everyone,

Today I just might finish the book with TIM RASINSKI and LYNNE KULICH. I’m working on the 10th and last poem for Grade 5. The ten poems each for Grades 1, 2, 3, and 4 are complete. Tim and Lynne still need to make a final review of the body of work to make sure everything fits their needs, so I won’t be done until they do their evaluations, but at least I’m close to the end.

Our deadline for the manuscript is February 1. If I can finish my work this week, Tim and Lynne will have a month and a half to complete the rest of theirs. Hopefully, that’s enough time so they won’t be rushed. A lot has happened during the eleven+ months that I’ve been working on this book. Barring the unforeseen, we should see the book in print sometime in 2023 at roughly the same time as the book I’ve been working on with Tim and LAURA ROBB makes its debut.

Turning to other matters for a few days

Hi everyone,

I’m in 5th grade now! If I use three unpublished poems from the files, it leaves me only seven poems short of the fifty I need for the whole book. I’m thinking of taking a couple of days off to attend to other matters. LYNNE and TIM are working on 2nd grade so until they get into 3rd and 4th grade, I can afford to focus on other work for a while.

It has been weeks, maybe months, since I last worked on a new story. Maybe I’ll try that. I haven’t had any free time for so long that I hardly know what to do with it! (My thanks to Nathan Papes, Springfield News-Leader, for the picture.)