Interview by Jody Anderson is up

Hi everyone,

I’m doing this in reverse today. From here you can go to my Facebook interview by Jody Anderson at the Henry County Public Library in Clinton, Missouri. I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you, Jody. It was good to see you again and I enjoyed our visit.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.

The webinar with Jen Murvin at Pagination Bookshop

Hi everyone,

For anyone interested, here’s the link to the webinar I did on June 11 with Jen Murvin at Pagination Bookshop.

The event was part of Pagination’s ongoing Virtual Author Events Summer Series. The store has a number of my titles in stock so you can order online or send Jen an email at
and you can pick up your new books curbside! Click here to shop online:”

Warning: I didn’t realize the recording had started while I was chomping up the last of a throat lozenge and getting myself arranged for the event. Viewer discretion advised. (:>

Do I really talk like that?

Hi everyone,

This weekend I’m reading over the script of a one-hour ZOOM interview this past December with Hollie D’Agata and Tammy Brown, co-editors of Pennsylvania Reads , the journal of the Keystone State Literacy Association. The interview will be in their fall issue.

It was a relaxed, pleasant interview with a lot of laughter. I’ve been looking forward to seeing how it looks in print. What I discovered is that I overused two pet words excessively: “well” and “so.” I told the editors that if I delete those two words wherever they appear, it will cut the length of the interview by 34.8%. I could be off a little one way or another.

Well, I love to tell a story so here’s the thing. When you turn me loose, well, the words just start rolling out so before you know it, well, a simple question turns into another story and so there doesn’t seem to be a beginning or end to it. So that’s how it goes when you interview me. Well, what else can I say? (:>

Me smiling

Hi everyone,
Picture by Nathan Papes/Springfield News-Leader

My thanks to Springfield News-Leader and journalist Juliana Goodwin for featuring me as part of my 50th anniversary celebration.
For those of you who take the News-Leader, the story will be printed in Sunday’s edition.

An interview for the archives

Hi everyone,

On Tuesday Tom Peters, Dean of Meyer Library on the Missouri State University campus in Springfield, came over to do a video/interview about my work for their archives. This was the second session about my writing. After editing, the videos will be added to the collection of manuscripts and correspondence that I recently placed in the MSU archives. Both interviews ran over an hour so if you should ever want to watch them, better take your computer to a comfortable chair.

The first time Tom interviewed me was for the MSU series, OZARK VOICES. That was in September 2014 and was also a long one. Here’s the link to it. I’m #23. .

This afternoon I have more than a dozen errands to run. Getting set to goo foff is serious business!