Updates on two books

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I finished reviewing and making final tweaks to a new collection of poems with Holiday House wonderfully illustrated by Kate Cosgrove and headed for a 2021 publication. I’m not at liberty to show pictures, provide samples of the poems, or provide the title of the book, but I’ll follow up with more information one of these days when I can. Kate illustrated AND THE BULLFROGS SING so you may remember her beautiful work on that one.

I also received promotional material for GUIDED PRACTICE FOR READING GROWTH, co-authored with Laura Robb and due out with Corwin September 8, 2020. Once I figure out how to post a pdf to my blog, I’ll share some of that material. You’ve already seen the cover but here it is again.

An interview and a new book

Hi everyone,

This morning at 10:00 I’ll do a ZOOM interview with Jody Anderson for the Henry County Library in Clinton, Missouri. My thanks to Jody for using a virtual visit to build a bridge over the gap created by the pandemic.

On another matter, I’m pleased to see the book with Laura Robb, due out in September, is now posted on Amazon. Here’s a peek at the cover and some of the reviewers’ comments.

“The power of intriguing texts, purposeful reading, and development of independence in reading are the keystones of this book. Teachers will find guidance on how to snag the interest of middle school students with content texts especially written by David L. Harrison and woven into compelling lessons by Laura Robb … An outstanding resource!”

“What is essential for reading growth? David Harrison and Laura Robb provide guidelines and tips for schedules, routines, instructional practices and lessons that increase students’ reading skill and self-confidence with proven sustained growth by real students in real classrooms.”

“Laura Robb is a legend in the field of literacy and the years she has dedicated to serving and educating shine through in this gem!… I greatly appreciate the focus on using real, relevant, and accessible texts to drive classroom learning. As such, Harrison’s writing amplifies the “engagement factor” of each lesson.”

I’m eager to see this new title come to the education market. I can’t believe we’re this close to September already. Yikes!

Waiting for RUM PUM PUM

Hi everyone,

I’ve noticed that RUM PUM PUM, the picture book Jane Yolen and I did, has been put back from an August release to September 15, another adjustment made necessary by the current market conditions I’m sure.

Unless they change it, Corwin also plans to release my book with Laura Robb in September and NCTE will bring out the book with Mary Jo Fresch in November so I’m going to be busy pushing books come fall.

A few words at a time

Hi everyone,

Thanks to everyone who has offered helpful advice about how to improve the quality of the videos I’m been struggling to make. This project has been dragging on for several weeks and the results have been disappointing. I’ll try what has been suggested and if that doesn’t work I’ll wait until I can either get a new computer or invest in some equipment that will improve my results.

My goal for this week was to tweak my interview for the fall issue of “Pennsylvania Reads,” review the manuscript of my collaboration with Laura Robb, and write the last four poems of a new collaboration with Matt Forrest Esenwine. With one day to go all I’ve managed is to get through the Laura manuscript and finish two Matt poems. Today I need to pull off to prepare my post for next Tuesday when I’m a host on the blog tour for Vikram Madan’s new book, A HATFUL OF DRAGONS. If there’s any time after that I’ll get back to the 3rd poem, which I’ve started but will probably scrap and start again.

All in all not an exciting week, but I rather like the two finished poems so I’m not complaining. Some weeks are measured by a few words arranged in a way that brings satisfaction. I’ll take it.

New book coming

Hi everyone,

Yesterday Laura Robb and I received word that our upcoming book with Corwin, Guided Practice for Reading Growth, Grades 4–8: Texts and Lessons to Improve Fluency, Comprehension, and Vocabulary, is now with the copyeditor and is set for a September release. That’s a month earlier than anticipated so I’m delighted to hear it. For this book my contribution was to write numerous poems and 500-word texts on a variety of subjects while Laura brought her wonderful insights and talents as a scholar and master teacher to create activities to engage struggling reading students. I’m eager to see the result of our first collaboration reach the market and find its way into classrooms starting this fall.