Georgia Heard’s new book

Hi everyone,

I’m having a fine time this month on Sylvia Vardell’s blogspot.

Two days ago Shandra Harrel interviewed me there about my new book of poetry, COWBOYS.

Yesterday my talented collaborator, artist Dan Burr, was interviewed and today Gerogia Heard is featured with her new book of found poems, THE ARROW FINDS ITS MARK.

Georgia is one of my favorite people. I also have two poems in her book.

Here’s the link to read about Georgia. Scroll back one day from that to find Dan and two days for me.

This morning I’m off to visit students in Bradleyville, Missouri and am looking forward to it. At the recent Writers Hall of Fame banquet, my friend and author Jim Combs was high bidder for a school visit by me and today is when I’m making that visit. I’ll be with students in grades K-8, which always presents an interesting challenge. I know we’re going to have a good time together.


Found poems published

BULLETIN: I know about Veda Boyd Jones’s e-book. She and I talked at the Warrensburg Children’s Literature Festival and agreed that we seem to spend half our time these days checking the latest sales numbers of our e-books. Hi, Veda. Checked yet today? Anyway, Cheryl Harness has an e-book. So does Janet Wong. So do Sylvia Vardell and Janet together. My question is, who are we missing here? If you have a children’s e-book that we haven’t talked about, let me know with a comment. I’ll try to post a list of other brave souls who have taken the plunge so far.

Hi everyone,

Many of you will remember when I posted a challenge to try your luck with found poems. By taking words from everyday text and language, many of you refashioned them into poems and we had a lot of fun reading one another’s discoveries. What prompted me to post on the subject was a project of Georgia Heard’s to collect enough found poems to publish a book.

Georgia has now completed her work and the resulting collection of forty found poems, THE ARROW FINDS IT MARK, officially comes out next Tuesday, March 27. If you would like to learn more or order a copy, here’s the link. .

I’m pleased to have a couple of poems in the group. One came from an American Airlines magazine Mensa Quiz and is called “Today’s Thought Problem.” The second, which is called “Hot-Dogging,” was found in a United Airlines magazine. How’s that for making good use of flying time?

You’ll find many of your favorite poets in this collection and I recommend it.