Lucia Renzo today

Hello everyone,

Today I’m featuring Lucia Renzo from Montreal as my Guest Reader. Often I wonder how people find me here on my little speck in space so I’m grateful when visitors tell me their story. In this case, Lucia was having lunch with a dear colleague, Carol-Ann Hoyte. Ring a bell? And Carol-Ann mentioned my blog. Lucia says, “I’m glad I joined because it has been an inspiration… to read and write poetry again. I wrote poetry before “family life” and now I’m planning to continue. Recently, I enjoyed your challenge on “Found Poems” and WOM poem.”

So with thanks to Carol-Ann Hoyte for passing me around among her friends, I now welcome Lucia Renzo.

Writing has always been my lifelong interest and throughout my successful 15-year career in the business world I wrote a great deal as a Business Analyst and Project Manager. When I married and decided to start a family my desire to write for children was awakened. After my second child, I knew the time had come to take action and plunge into my true passion- Children’s Writing.

That’s exactly what I did. While raising my family, I became an alumnus of The Institute of Children’s Literature (ICL). Now, I’m a writer living in Montreal, providing my services to the Montreal Children’s Library. Check out the links below;
My work will be published in R.E.A.L. Magazine Fall 2010 issue.

My thanks and best wishes to you, Lucia. I look forward to seeing your work posted when you have something you want to share. David

My wife Sandy and I have owned a gift store for the past twenty-five years. I may not have mentioned it before. Today is moving day. We are relocating the store to a new address: 2704 S. Glenstone, The Brentwood Center, in Springfield, Missouri. The name of our store is GAMBLE’S GIFTS II. We carry many lines including Waterford Crystal, Lladro porcelain figures, and Dept. 56 cottages.

The past few days have been filled with packing, changing addresses and utilities, redoing signs, and a host of other chores that moving a store entails. I’ve spent several hours on my hands and knees, using masking tape to mark off where the movers are to set the cherry wood fixtures when they start unloading the trucks. The empty place with all those outlines on the floor looks like I’ve been creating some sort of crime scene. So now you know.