The Improvised Mystery Hour

Hi everyone,

I had a fine time last night as JEFF HOUGHTON’s guest on The Improvised Mystery Hour. The room, which is part of the Cuban restaurant, La Habana Vieja on Springfield’s Commercial Street, was filled to capacity and then some. Jeff is a great host and he and cast entertained us with clever, witty improv skits before and after my guest spot. It was all good fun. My thanks again to Jeff.

I have noticed one thing about my speaking persona. I tend to frown and scowl a lot. At the time I’m doing these things, people are laughing appropriately. It’s not like I’m in pain. I’m really enjoying myself immensely. Hmmm.

Mystery Hour Friday night

Hi everyone,

I look forward to Friday evening at 7:30 when JEFF HOUGHTON has me as his guest on Improvised Mystery Hour. It will be held in a special room for shows behind La Habana Vieja, a Cuban restaurant on Commercial Street in Springfield.

I’ve been on Jeff’s show once before but then it was in a different format, done online. I sat in my living room and did the interview with Jeff with my laptop perched on a chair. This format is before a live audience and has been sold out for some time.

Jeff says he’ll interview me for about fifteen minutes and then he and his crew will do improv based on the interview. I have no idea how this goes, but stand by for a report later.

Thank you for reading THIS LIFE

Hi everyone,

This past week was a good one for me. Both events to introduce THIS LIFE went well. My thanks to all who attended one of the events and bought a copy of the autobiography. If you enjoy reading it, I hope you’ll tell others about it. One who told me she started it at night and was late getting to bed because she kept reading until she finished the book. Naturally, I loved to hear her response. To order copies, here’s the link:

This week I also accepted an invitation to be on JEFF HOUGHTON’S “Improvised Mystery Hour” show on January 27. More about that soon. I’ve been on Jeff’s show once before but not since he revamped and relocated to Commercial Street. I look forward to it. We were headed to Florida on the 24th but changed plans to make it possible for me to say yes to Jeff.

More about tonight’s Mystery Hour show

Hi everyone,

Here’s the update about tonight’s broadcast of The Mystery Hour.

1. The show is scheduled for 11:00 CST on Fox (channel 10 in Springfield), unless a football game delays starting time. If that happens, Mystery Hour must wait like everything else.

2. There is no streaming so if you are not in one of the 17 markets covered by the show, you won’t be able to watch.

Mystery Hour tomorrow night

Hi everyone,

My interview on The Mystery Hour with Jeff Houghton is scheduled to be aired tomorrow night, December 12. The late night show is available in 17 markets in 14 states. Here’s a link to the locations and times where you can get it.

In Springfield, you can tune in at 9:00 p.m. (please note this change from the original 11:00 time) on Ozarks Fox, Channel 10. Before the pandemic, shows were made in the historic Gillioz Theater. These days you don’t have to stand in line outside the theater because everything is done virtually. As Jeff’s guest, I sat at a card table in my living for our visit.

If you live out of the area and would like to see the show, I believe at least some of the stations stream live. I’m looking into it and will post what I find tomorrow so please check back here for more information.