Winding down a good week

Hi everyone,

Two good days to go to wrap up a productive week. With a breeze at my back I should complete my tweaks by tomorrow evening. If not, I’ll be smiling on Monday.

Tomorrow afternoon I have a phone date with an editor to brainstorm for new projects. I hope something promising will come from that. Between now and then I need to start a list of ideas that interest me.

Tonight we’re attending the Springfield Cardinals game at Hammons’ Stadium as guests of our pal Herman Johansen. Herman is in the Kansas City area filming a movie that was written to star him. I’m eager to see the movie one day when it comes out!

Sweet dreams

Hi everyone,

Our thanks to Herman Johansen for inviting us to join his party last night at the Springfield Cardinals game against Tulsa Drillers. The Cards lost but it was a good game on a perfect night for baseball. Even at my age now I still long to throw a baseball again. I used to love to pitch. Every now and then I run across my high school letter in baseball and it brings back a lot of memories. I was never good at working out to get into shape before a season started. I didn’t have many friends who wanted to catch me. But I took summer jobs that helped build strength: unloading boxcars of bricks and sacks of cement, pouring concrete, working with a jackhammer, offloading concrete blocks from racks and stacking them. I always assured coach I was ready for the school season but truth is I nearly always played my way into shape starting with the first game.

It’s always good to see Herman. In addition to being a financial advisor, he’s a gifted actor and he has recently landed the leading role in a film to be shot in the Midwest. I look forward to seeing him in it! Herman, thanks again for last night and for the memories it stirred.

Hooray for today!

Hi everyone,

Good day at hand. This morning I think I can finish going through the first complete draft of the Teacher Resource book I’m doing with Mary Jo Fresch and get it off to our editor at Scholastic.



I’m having lunch with a dear friend and gifted actor, director, and writer, Herman Johansen, who is in town from Los Angeles. He used to live here and has family nearby. The “skirt” is invited, as we refer to Sandy.herman-johansen3 It’s always great to see Herman and catch up on his news. . There’s a chance he’ll spend the weekend with us. Years ago Herman created a wonderful video for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) when I was on that board. sandy-asherSandy Asher wrote a moving dramatic reading about kids who are neglected and abused and Herman used it as a springboard to make the video. That’s how we first met.

This afternoon I’ll get back to a new poetry manuscript I started several months ago. The proposal is with an editor but I feel an itch to add more poems. All in all, a day to look forward to.

Another friend headed to NYC

Hi everyone,

Fantastic news from Herman Johansen. Herman Johansen3 I’ll let the letter speak for itself.

Headed to FringeNYC – The New York International Fringe Festival this August.
Dear FringeNYC Participant,

That’s right, Participant! CONGRATULATIONS! Your production of Fading Light has been ACCEPTED, and on behalf of The Present Company and the entire FringeNYC team, we want to welcome you to FringeNYC. We have chosen you to participate because we believe you will make an invaluable contribution to this year’s festival. It is our goal to make FringeNYC the most dynamic festival possible, and we invite you to help make this happen!

Herman, who lives in Los Angeles, is a gifted actor and director who is adding film credits to this repertoire these days. Here’s his website. . I’ve read the script for FADING LIGHT, the play that won him the right to be produced in NCY this summer at FringeNYC. All I can say is that audiences will soon be adding Herman playwright to Herman’s list of accomplishments. Congratulations, Herman!

Sandy Asher in the news

Sandy Asher

Hi everyone,

As you may remember, Sandy Asher and I are planning a new episode of WRITERS AT WORK, probably for April or May. We’re waiting for a time when our schedules allow us to complete this new one, which we’re calling “In Search of Authenticity.”

Herman Johansen just brought to my attention an article in “Footlights” about Black History Month, Sojourner Truth, and Sandy’s play about her. This marvelous play has been around for a while now and is one of Sandy’s best known works. Add this to her latest coup — her play, “Walking Toward America,” about Ilga Katais-Paeglis Vise has been accepted into the UNITED SOLO FESTIVAL on Times Square, with Annie Meek Montgomery doing a full performance, on September 27 — and Sandy can already call 2015 a great year. Way to go, Sandy!