THE LAND held over for more shows

Hi everyone,

Herman Johansen has posted that showings of the movie in which he co-stars is being extended in Kansas City. Here’s the schedule. I hope those of you within driving distance will consider seeing it.

BIG NEWS!!! The Glenwood Arts Theater has given “The Land” AN ENTIRE WEEK OF SHOWINGS, starting Friday at 12:10 and running through next Thursday! Here’s the schedule:


Friday, November 15th: Showings at 12:10, 2:30, 5:15, 7:35
Saturday, November 16th: Showings at 12:10, 2:30, 5:15, 7:35
Sunday, November 17th: Showings at 12:10, 2:30, 5:15
Monday, November 18th: Showings 1:15, 4:15, 7:15
Tuesday, November 19th: Showings 1:15, 4:15
Wednesday, November 20th: Showings 1:15, 4:15
Thursday, November 21st: Showings 1:15, 4:15, 7:15

All showings take place at the Glenwood at 95th and Mission Road in Overland Park. Reminder, it’s always a good idea to call and check on show times before going. Sometimes they change.

How the big boys (and girls) do it

Hi everyone,

Our house guest the past few nights has been Herman Johansen, our dear friend and wonderfully talented actor., We always love catching up on Herman’s news but on this occasion we also learned something new about how actors sometimes audition for a role.

The evening after he arrived, Herman’s agent sent word about an upcoming part in a drama with a deadline for submitting a short video at 10:00 a.m. Mountain Time the next morning. Without skipping a beat, he printed the script, took it to the bedroom to practice, memorized it in short order, and reappeared ready to roll. He looked for a wall in the house that provided suitable background, played with lights until they were the best he could do, and invited us to help. Sandy read the part of the second actor in the scene and I sat on a chair in front of Herman and recorded him on his cell phone.

Herman did half a dozen or so takes on the first scene. We thought each was fine but could see slight differences as Herman experimented with facial expressions, voice tone, and projection of his character. We did a second scene as well. It didn’t require quite as many takes but again I was fascinated by the process an actor goes through to decide how he will give flesh and blood and shape and soul to a character that exists only through words on a sheet of paper.

Later Herman did a bit of editing, selected what he would submit, and clicked the result off to be judged. All this took a hour or so. Then we returned to our conversation as though there had been no interruption. “Nothing” to it. Will he get the part? There are more than 80,000 SAG actors in Los Angeles alone. It reminded me of what writers go through, submitting our work in competition with others from all over the world. I’m betting on Herman. I could never do what he does but it was great fun to watch how it’s done. Besides, now I can add “camera man” to my vitae! Thanks for the experience, Herman!


Hi everyone,

Our good friend from Hollywood, acclaimed actor/playwright/director Herman Johansen has been our house guest this weekend so we’ve loved catching up on his news. For a quick reference, here’s a link.

Among his most recent accomplishments is playing a lead role in the film, THE LAND, co-staring Kathleen Warfel,

THE LAND — Sixty-something farming couple John and Mary Lou Martin come face-to-face with mistakes from their pasts and an uncertain future as they strive to hold onto the only life they’ve ever known — will celebrate its world premier in Hollywood on Monday, June 17, at 7:15 p.m. in TCL Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles. a movie palace on the historic Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6925 Hollywood Blvd

Here’s how you can order tickets or tell someone else how:

Among Herman’s current projects, he’s working on a novel. I’m betting it will be a good one too!

Winding down a good week

Hi everyone,

Two good days to go to wrap up a productive week. With a breeze at my back I should complete my tweaks by tomorrow evening. If not, I’ll be smiling on Monday.

Tomorrow afternoon I have a phone date with an editor to brainstorm for new projects. I hope something promising will come from that. Between now and then I need to start a list of ideas that interest me.

Tonight we’re attending the Springfield Cardinals game at Hammons’ Stadium as guests of our pal Herman Johansen. Herman is in the Kansas City area filming a movie that was written to star him. I’m eager to see the movie one day when it comes out!

Sweet dreams

Hi everyone,

Our thanks to Herman Johansen for inviting us to join his party last night at the Springfield Cardinals game against Tulsa Drillers. The Cards lost but it was a good game on a perfect night for baseball. Even at my age now I still long to throw a baseball again. I used to love to pitch. Every now and then I run across my high school letter in baseball and it brings back a lot of memories. I was never good at working out to get into shape before a season started. I didn’t have many friends who wanted to catch me. But I took summer jobs that helped build strength: unloading boxcars of bricks and sacks of cement, pouring concrete, working with a jackhammer, offloading concrete blocks from racks and stacking them. I always assured coach I was ready for the school season but truth is I nearly always played my way into shape starting with the first game.

It’s always good to see Herman. In addition to being a financial advisor, he’s a gifted actor and he has recently landed the leading role in a film to be shot in the Midwest. I look forward to seeing him in it! Herman, thanks again for last night and for the memories it stirred.