The last poem for 3rd grade

Hi everyone,

I had a fine time yesterday reading RUM PUM PUM to kindergarten and first grade students at Harrison Elementary. They were such good listeners and quickly learned to help me make the sounds of Tiger’s new friends.

Not only that, my friend ANGELA KNIGHT, the wonderful librarian at Harrison, had found an old copy somewhere of THE BOY WITH A DRUM, my first book for kids in 1969. I don’t know what Angela paid but I found two copies on Amazon, one for over $60 and one for over $120. It was a privilege to sign the copy and wonder what child had heard it read aloud before it wound up in Springfield, Missouri.

I also came away with an idea for my 10th poem for third grade for the book with TIM RASINSKI and LYNNE KULICH! Talking with two old friends who teach kindergarten at Harrison — ROXIE MCQUARRY AND JULEE CURRY — an idea came up that I’ll turn into a poem. I’d been wondering what to choose to complete my list of ten and now I have it. Yay for David Harrison Elementary School and everyone there!