This and that

Hi everyone,

My apologies for telling you yesterday’s interview on KSMU was live. It was recorded and will be aired in the next few days. I’ll let you know for real when I know. Again, I’m sorry for misleading you.

I’ve been enjoying your YOU poems for this month’s Word of the Month Poetry Challenge. Thanks again to JOY ACEY for providing it. I hope to have mine finished and posted tomorrow.

In the meantime, my desk is a wreck again. I just cleaned up a couple of weeks ago, didn’t I? My M.O.W. says tough cookies, it still needs it again. Sigh.

A new use for coddiwompling

Hi everyone,

Today I go shopping for my M.O.W. She has given me no list. No ideas. No hints. I’ve waited as long as I possibly can. I am not happy. I’ll get dressed in a few minutes and head out the drive. I know not where I’ll go. I am setting out with strong purpose. My destination, to say the least, is vague. I go to coddiwomple!

Keeping me humble

Hi everyone,

This is the 2,301st time I’ve greeted you like that. Now and then I think about some new salutation. Maybe, “Hi there,” or “Hiya,” to be more casual. “Zup?” “Yo?” “Howdy?” “Greetings?” “Dear Hearts?” “Dahlinks?” In the end I always decide I like the one I’ve been using so I stick with it.

With that Sunday morning trivia out of the way, I’m off to perform the rest of the chores I promised my M.O.W. I would do yesterday while she toiled away at our gift shop (Gamble’s).

Last year’s geraniums plucked from their pots and taken to recycling?
Carry the pots from garage to patio? Check.
Plant this year’s geraniums?
It goes so much better when we do it together, darling.
Do the laundry?
Take them out of the dryer?
Go to the grocery story?
Straighten the office?
Carry outdoor vac from patio to garage?
Uh, thought you still needed it.

And that’s why I have to run. See you tomorrow. XO

So why does it have to be Monday?

Hi everyone,

How can it be Monday when I was having so much fun on Saturday when my M.O.W. took me to Branson so she could buy something and when we were there I saw this big old chair and she helped me climb up on it and she made me smile and she took my picture20161008_125847_resized and then I said I wanted a donut and she said that donuts are bad for me and I pouted and sucked my thumb and she said okay okay! then stop embarrassing me in public and keep your hands in your lap and oh good lord cover yourself and I’ll buy you a donut20161008_125832_resized and I said sure but I want one covered with chocolate and she said no chocolate the donut is bad enough for you so I started calling to people passing by what a M.O.W. I have so she said alright alright! go to the car so she helped me down off the chair and we went to the car and straight to a donut place and I got to order a donut covered with chocolate and it was SO good so why does it have to be Monday?