Help me choose?

Hi everyone,

According to the back office stats, this is the 3110th time I’ve greeted you since I started posting in 2009. I think it’s more than that. 3110 divided by ten (years) equals 311 posts per year, and I don’t think I’ve skipped 54 days a year on average when I haven’t posted something. Anyway, it has been an interesting experience so far and I’m grateful to those of you who drop by to see what has occurred to me to write (almost) each day.

As for today’s post, there’s not much to talk about. I’m waiting on editors at three houses who have expressed interest in proposals on their desks. That keeps me checking my inbox with high hopes of finding good news there. But as we all know, an editor may like something and still be unable to sell it to the rest of the team. If I get an offer on one of the three, I’ll consider myself lucky and get busy submitting the other two elsewhere.

Talking to new agents has been an educational experience. I hope to make a final decision today or tomorrow.

I’ve asked Kathy Temean to change my picture on the front page of my website. I like the picture but it’s more than ten years old and of course I’ve changed since it was taken. Here are the three candidates I’ve suggested to her. Anyone have a choice? Let me know.