Garrison Keillor’s last tour

Hi everyone,

You can lead a horse to water, but . . . 20150823_113805_resized . . . it would rather have a Bloody Mary on Elaine Fry’s back deck where we spent a quick but wonderful weekend. 20150822_164057_resized
This included incredible baby-back ribs from Jack Stack’s Smokehouse 20150822_164229_resized
before zipping off to Starlight Theater, America’s second largest outdoor venue, to see Garrison Keillor and his touring group put on an incredible show as part of his retirement stops across the United States. 20150822_200855_resized_1 At intermission he came down into the crowd and led about 6,000 people in singing. It was quite a treat. 20150822_212142_resized

I’ll have more soon but for now I’ll pass along this one bit of wisdom that Keillor gave to writers. I’ll have to paraphrase. “Writing is hard. Very hard. While you are working on something, you have no idea if it’s any good. And when you finish it, you still don’t know if it’s any good. But if you have to ask somebody else, you’re not a writer.”