Featured on Kathy Temean’s blog

Hi everyone,

Kathy Temean just posted a feature of EMPOWERING STUDENTS’ KNOLWLEDGE OF VOCABULARY, LEARNING HOW LANGUAGE WORKS, co-written with Mary Jo Fresch. My thanks to Kathy. I hope you will visit her blog at https://kathytemean.wordpress.com/ and see how to register to win a free copy of the book.

Guest blog post on National Council for Teachers of English (NCTE) site

Hi everyone,

Mary Jo Fresch and I wrote a post for the NCTE blog to help promote our new book, EMPOWERING STUDENTS’ KNOWLEDGE OF VOCABULARY: LEARNIING HOW LANGUAGE WORKS. It has been posted now so for anyone interested, here’s the link. I hope you’ll pass it along to anyone you know how could use this book. Thank you.

Two more things

Hi everyone,

This morning at 11:00 CST I’ll be the guest on OzarksWatch Video Magazine, hosted by Jim Baker, and broadcast on Ozarks Public Television, located in Strong Hall on the campus of Missouri State University. Here’s how the series, which began 21 years ago, is described.
“OzarksWatch Video Magazine is a weekly series that documents, presents and preserves the unique heritage of the Ozarks. The goal of the series is to increase a knowledge and understanding of the richness and complexity of the Ozarks region…Each 30 minute episode focuses on a single topic and features guests who are topic experts and who are often living examples of vital and disappearing Ozarks traditions.” I like everything except the “disappearing” part and plan not to do that for a while yet.

This afternoon at 2:00 CST I’ll join my co-author, Mary Jo Fresch, at the virtual book booth of NCTE at the virtual National Conference for Teachers of English national conference. We’ll be discussing our new title, EMPOWERING STUDENTS’ KNOWLEDGE OF VOCABULARY: LEARNING HOW LANGUAGE WORKS. Like the one I did yesterday with Laura Robb at Corwin’s book booth for GUIDED PRACTICE FOR READING GROWTH, the only way you can join the visit is if you are registered to attend the virtual conference. During this difficult time, we do what we have to do.

More celebration for Book #100

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Today at 10:45 a.m. CT I’ll be on Ozarks Public Radio KSMU, interviewed by phone by an old friend, Michele Skalicky . This is part of an ongoing celebration for reaching my 100th published book and I’m grateful to everyone at KSMU for this opportunity. The station is located on the campus of Missouri State University and reaches 40,000 listeners on a weekly basis. View the numerous ways you can listen to NPR and KSMU on the web or from your phone. Or manually load the streaming links into your favorite mobile app.

MP3 encoding 128 kps Stereo
KSMU – http://ksmu.streamguys1.com/ksmu3
KSMU HD2 – http://ksmu.streamguys1.com/ksmu4
AAC encoding 128 kps Stereo
KSMU – http://ksmu.streamguys1.com/ksmu1
KSMU HD2 – http://ksmu.streamguys1.com/ksmu2
From your radio, hear KSMU in the following cities on these channels:
KSMU: 91.1 FM – Springfield
KSMS: 90.5 FM – Point Lookout/Branson
KSMW: 90.3 FM – West Plains
K204FX: 88.7 FM – Mountain Grove
k255AH: 98.9 FM – Joplin
K279AD: 103.7 FM – Neosho

I hope to talk about the 100th book itself, EMPOWERING STUDENT’S KNOWLEDGE OF VOCABULARY: LEARNING HOW LANGUAGE WORKS, co-written with Mary Jo Fresch and published by National Council for Teachers of English (NCTE), but I’ll be happy to talk about writing in general.

My 100th book is out!

Hi everyone,

Yesterday Mary Jo Fresch and I heard from our editor at NCTE (Bonny Graham), that our book, Empowering Students’ Knowledge of Vocabulary, is now in print and on sale at https://store.ncte.org/book/empowering-students-knowledge-vocabulary-learning-how-language-works-grades-3-5.

Here’s the catalog description so please help us by sharing the information. “Fresch and Harrison present definitions and playful examples (in poetry and prose) to teach antonyms, synonyms, acronyms (and many more “nyms”), similes, metaphors, idioms, shades of meaning, and word origins. A final chapter offers insights into language choices by eight well-known children’s poets and authors, including former US Young People’s Poets Laureate Kenn Nesbitt and Margarita Engle and world-renowned Jane Yolen.”