A unique sort of event

Hi everyone,

I don’t talk about our gift store often but we have an unusual event coming up that I want you to know about. Below is a brief I just sent out so I think it’s self explanatory. If you have any questions, let me know.

February 14, 2018
From: Gamble’s Gifts, 2704 S. Glenstone (Brentwood Center)
Springfield, Missouri 65804
Regarding: Virtual signing event, February 15-March 1, 2018
Owners: Sandy and David Harrison
Store number: (417) 881-7555
Home number: (417) 881-0084
Cell number (Sandy): (417) 830-5634

GAMBLE’S GIFTS in the Brentwood Center is one of four sites in the United States selected to host a first of its kind event — a virtual Waterford signing. Two of the others are in Chicago, one is in New York City.

Ten preselected pieces of crystal created by Waterford Crystal in Waterford, Ireland are now on display at Gamble’s Gifts as well as on the store’s website. From February 15 through March 1 anyone interested in acquiring one or more of these crystal collector’s items and having them signed can qualify for the signing event by placing their orders through the store.

Orders will be forwarded to Tom Brennan, Waterford Crystal Spokesperson & Master Artisan, who will fly from Ireland to New York to sign each piece. Signed pieces will then be shipped to Gamble’s for customer pickup or drop-shipped directly to anyone who lives outside the Springfield area.

Sandy Harrison says this is a unique example of using today’s technology to bring people exquisite treasures from one of the oldest and most revered crystal houses in history. For centuries Waterford creations have graced homes and castles alike with a wide range of creations including chandeliers, stemware, trophies, lamps, dinnerware, bowls, and numerous other lines of keepsakes that have been handed down from one generation to the next.

Each year in Times Square, an estimated 100 million people in the United States and one billion viewers worldwide watch the Waterford ball descend to mark the beginning of the New Year. One of the largest crystal masterpieces ever made, the ball weighs 11,875 pounds, is twelve feet in diameter, and is adorned with 2,688 crystals.

Harrison says, “No matter where you live, you can now own a signed piece of Waterford thanks to this first ever virtual signing event. It’s like owning a little piece of history.”


To market to market to buy something pretty

Hi everyone,

Jeff took this picture of Sandy in Las Vegas at the gift market. It’s his first time to go and one of the few times when I haven’t gone. Gift markets are grindingly hard. You are on your feet all day, in and out of showrooms that number in the hundreds or more (that’s not even the main building behind her in the picture), looking at thousands and thousands of gift products from all over the world, trying to decide which ones will go well in your store for your customers.

Sandy will be gone four nights. I spoke to her last night. We’d all watched the president’s address and they were about to head out for a late dinner. Before she left she stocked up on groceries. I could eat five meals a day and still have left overs.

Your attention please

Hi everyone,

The holidays are over, partying finished, guests gone, house empty except for us. It was great fun and we’ll feast on delicious memories long after the last of the turkey ends up in a soup.

It’s a new year, time to get busy cleaning crumbs from under the table, filling one more plastic bag with oddments of the season, fishing someone’s glasses out of the crack between sofa cushions. Time to take down the tree, carry Christmas decorations to the basement, figure out where to put all the new stuff, try on the shirt, struggle with conscience (without will to win) about the cans of nuts and bags of chocolates from those who love us.

And, as memory returns through a calorie-colored mist, we return to tasks left scattered like good intentions a hundred years ago when we rushed off to celebrate the season.

Unexpected visitors at Goose Lake

Hi everyone,

Sunday was a busy day around Goose Lake. While we read the morning paper and drank coffee, a pair of eagles circled the water, apparently saw nothing of promise, and sailed off into the distance.

When we were in the kitchen making breakfast, a gray fox came across our back yard. As we ran from room to room watching it from windows, it walked on quick feet along the side of the house, up our driveway, across our front yard, and turned into the alcove outside the pool room. It looked in the window as we looked back, and then it went on about its business elsewhere. I never got a picture.

A few minutes later Sandy called me back to the kitchen. Two very large birds were sitting in a hackberry tree. Two more were on the ground.

It didn’t take long for neighborhood residents to come check them out: two swans and an assortment of ducks and geese. Our “back yard” crow took up a position of authority on the peak of our roof. One landed on our patio for a quick reconnoiter. A second scout joined it. By now I recognized them as black vultures. Dressed in shades of black and gray, they looked like undertakers looking for clients.
Where there had been two, then four, more appeared. One found the roof. Sandy and I returned to the living room. Hearing noises on the skylight over our heads, we saw feet and the shapes of other vultures.

More came. I went out to look on the roof. The count was up to eighteen. Were we living an Alfred Hitchcock movie?
Then everything went silent. No scratching at the skylight. No clawed feet thumping across the roof. No more fluttering of wings five feet wide.

I walked back outside. The vultures had disappeared. I wish I had seem them leave!

The kissing count

Hi everyone,

As I’ve said here many times, some mornings I sit down, write, “Hi everyone,” and start fishing around in my head for an idea. This is such a morning. However, all it took was a trip into the bedroom to take Sandy’s morning coffee and paper and kiss her for the first time today to provide this bit of trivia.

I can’t tell you how long we’ve been married. She had that information surgically removed years ago. But let’s just say that if I multiply the number of days since our wedding by 9, which is my best guess of the average number of times we kiss each day (probably low), then I’ve kissed that girl 192,123 times. This information has no trade-in value and will not get you a cup of coffee, but I hope it makes you smile. It did me.
After all, I don’t write every single minute!