Hi everyone,

Just a short reminder that the time for airing the KSMU interview this morning has been changed to 8:45 a.m. CT.

Yesterday I agreed to visit kids at Rountree Elementary in March. I do that school every year and am pleased to be invited.

I also accepted an invitation to speak at a teacher appreciation breakfast in another city in April. More about that later.

Today is my cousin’s 18th birthday. Happy birthday over there in Monett, Missouri, ALEXIS EGLESTON! I love you, sweetheart.

Off to Rountree Elementary School

Hi everyone,

This afternoon I’ll pay a visit to Rountree Elementary School in Springfield and visit with the first grade children there. Teacher NICKI FOLTZ invited me back (from previous years) and I look forward to seeing this year’s students who are just starting their journey toward discovering their future. Nicki says the kids are getting into a writer/artist unit so I’m happy to be part of it.

Our family has a soft spot for Rountree. SANDY attended school there and later on daughter ROBIN also went there.

Every time I walk up the steps and enter the front hallway, I think of Sandy and Robin, when they were little girls, walking up those steps before me. And when I stand in front of a class of six-year-old children, I tell the kids about my family’s connection to their school. I’m not sure they understand what that means to me, but I do.

Seeing some customers

Hi everyone,

I had fun yesterday afternoon visiting the combined classes of 1st grade students at Rountree Elementary School in Springfield. The kids were familiar with three of my books and with teachers’ help had prepared questions to ask me. I got lots of hugs and bright smiles and excellent questions. A lovely way to spend a while and get the new year off to a good start. Sandy attended Rountree, our daughter Robin went there, too, and an aunt and uncle lived a block away, so I have a soft spot for that school.

Next week I’ll be at David Harrison Elementary talking to 4th graders. I sort of have a soft spot for that school too!