Each new day brings more beauty

Hi everyone,

I dearly love this time of year. Wherever I look I see beauty inside and out.

Sometimes beauty comes with a few trials. Our issue at the moment is a plague of crane flies emerging from the water accumulated on the pool cover. Larvae by the thousands are swimming just below the surface and clouds of adults emerge throughout the day. I don’t think the adults hurt anything but they are a nuisance and swarms of them hover around the doors. We can’t go out without letting several in. Those that are hatching in the lake are providing fish and birds with a feeding bonanza and the ones coming out of our pool are making a lot of bats happy when the sun goes down. We sit on the patio and watch the show.

A morning without coffee? Really?

Hi everyone,

Yesterday was the first pretty day since last Thursday, a perfect day for a walk along the trail near our house. The creek was higher than usual from water that spills into it from Goose Lake.

I’m scheduled for lab work at 8:00 for my annual physical on Wednesday. Until then, no coffee. It’s a savage practice! But the rest of the day is clear and I’m eager to come home and settle in. I’m in the middle of a poem that excites me.

Ruff Ruff!

Hi everyone,

Yesterday afternoon it was a pleasure to visit Dawn Licata and her 2nd grade class at David Harrison Elementary School. Dawn is one of the teachers around the country who volunteered to introduce students to classroom activities suggested in the book I’m co-writing with Mary Jo Fresch.

I’m SO pleased to have a Springfield school represented in the book and naturally I’m especially delighted that it will be someone from Harrison Elementary. While I was there Dawn showed me some of the work that her kids have done. I loved it.

I read for a while to Dawn’s students and answered questions. As I was leaving, one boy handed me a letter he had written and illustrated just for me. He thanked me for all the “great books (I) have made to the world” and concluded that I “should be in history.” I liked the first part and appreciated the spirit of the second, but honestly I don’t feel quite ready to be history.

Knowing what’s coming

Hi everyone,

We’re supposed to get 5.5 inches of rain over the next few days. I’m afraid that Mother Goose is in jeopardy. Her nest is only three or four inches above normal lake level and there’s a good chance that her eggs will be under water before the storm passes. Same thing happened two years ago. Nothing can be done about it. Losing eggs to nature and predators is a common occurrence. And goodness knows we have plenty of geese around here already. Still, it’s hard to watch without feeling sorry for the goose sitting on her rocky nest in driving rain, all for a lost cause.