Muddling through

Hi everyone,
The poem a day goal this week is on schedule although I admit that today’s beauty struggled mightily to make a decent showing for itself. I seem to need enough words on the page before something finally clicks into place, like one of those Magic 8-balls you hold in your hand, ask a question, and wait for an answer eventually to bob up from the murky deep. Works the same for me whether I’m writing poems or fiction.

On occasion the form itself comes bubbling to the surface. In the early going of today’s effort, I scribbled a string of similar statements about my subject, looking for a path into it. It occurred to me that I might use those similar statements with a different rhyme at the end to introduce each stanza, which would be a nice little bonus for the poem. However there weren’t enough rhymes available that made sense. Instead I ended up repeating the same word at the end of each first line although the rest of each line was arranged differently to move the story forward. I cast the poem in three stanzas.

That arrangement alone, though, was boring, and I found I needed two additional stanzas to tell the story right. By using a different rhyme to end line #1 in stanzas 2 and 4, the final form fell into place and smiled back at me. The end result is a 5-stanza poem. Each stanza has three lines (tercet) rhyming abb/cdd/aee/cff/agg.

Sometimes we just have to muddle through.

Dumpster diving into the files

BULLETIN: Hey look at me! I meant to show you earlier but forgot. 20170116_163124_resizedI can’t vouch for the rest of me, but my feet are awesome!

Hi everyone,

Each day my blog stats indicate which of the previous 2,245 posts are being visited in addition to the one I just put up. Generally folks from several countries stop by and look up something or merely browse for a while. Yesterday’s list of previous posts included my school dedication pictures and speech, adult W.O.M. poems, poems for two voices, information about me, talks and school visits, young poets W.O.M. poems, poetry tips, and an assortment of other subjects. The most popular among them was the dedication speech, which dates to August 26, 2009. Here’s a direct link if anyone else is interested.

I’m always reminded, when I too look back at the early days of this blog, how many things we tried. I interviewed more people then, had more contests, posted more ballots, wrote more writing tips. Now? Most mornings I pour the coffee, turn on the light, sit down, and let the day begin. You may not be getting your money’s worth anymore, if you ever did. But more then 2,700 say they follow me so for that I’m grateful and I apologize for those mornings when about all I have to offer is, “Hi everyone.”

Planning the week

Hi everyone,
I hope you had a good weekend. Where I live we escaped most of the ice that had been predicted but other parts of town suffered damage and power outages. Now we’re expecting warmer temperatures so rain will remain rain.

My sights are set on writing a poem each day for the idea I’m on. That will bring me up to ten, my half of a proposed project. I have a few meetings scattered along the way but mostly I expect to work. I got my record keeping and marketing efforts up to date last week so things look promising.

I also look forward to reading more Word of the Month poems from you.

Thanks for joining me.


Wishing you a nice day

Hi everyone,
David on rock 1
I was feeling sly yesterday, thinking I would pre-post something for today so I wouldn’t have to wake up and stare at this keyboard and wonder what on earth to talk about. I did a whole riff on being late taking down the holiday decorations, which I was finally getting around to, but it was trite so I deleted it and decided I work better under pressure. At 3:30 I tried a second time to amuse or inform or just walk along beside you for a while today. Thank you for joining me.

Lately we’ve talked about quite a few things and I’ve enjoyed them all. By nature, believe it or not, I treasure silence. I love people but don’t necessarily need to keep up a constant chatter. Sometimes, especially among good friends, it’s just nice to be close, share the moment, and not say anything.

Please join me, think your own thoughts while I think mine. Thanks.


A lot of bull….

Hi everyone,

Let me show you something. img_20161228_145614196 Yep, it’s a charmer and a snake. She’s Jennifer Harrison, my daughter-in-law. The serpent is a Missouri eight foot long bull snake. It resides not far from Branson in a case at Dogwood Canyon’s Old Mill Museum, and it has a personality. Not that Jennifer doesn’t because she has personality galore. But I want to tell you about the snake.

It only likes prepared food. Catching your own is so, like, primitive. It also requires that its food be served hot or not at all. Forget the rules, it sulks. Otherwise it’s the exhibit’s chief greeter and entertainer, as you can see on Jennifer’s face. Had you gone around behind Jennifer’s back as I did, the snake looked pretty happy too.

And why, you ask, is Jennifer not afraid of the snake? She teaches 4th grade, man. What’s left to be afraid of???