My Word of the Month poem for June

Hi everyone,

My poem for June inspired by YOU.

You are the one
who makes me smile,
who makes my life
seem more worthwhile.

You are the one
who’s always there,
who makes my troubles
easier to bear.

You are the one
who pushes back,
keeps me from wandering
off the track.

You are the one who
till the end
will always be
my cherished friend.

You are the one.
You are the one.
You are the one.

(c) 2019 David L. Harrison

An interview for the archives

Hi everyone,

On Tuesday Tom Peters, Dean of Meyer Library on the Missouri State University campus in Springfield, came over to do a video/interview about my work for their archives. This was the second session about my writing. After editing, the videos will be added to the collection of manuscripts and correspondence that I recently placed in the MSU archives. Both interviews ran over an hour so if you should ever want to watch them, better take your computer to a comfortable chair.

The first time Tom interviewed me was for the MSU series, OZARK VOICES. That was in September 2014 and was also a long one. Here’s the link to it. I’m #23. .

This afternoon I have more than a dozen errands to run. Getting set to goo foff is serious business!

Adjusting the schedule

Hi everyone,

On May 31 I set a goal to write a poem or 500-word text each day for the next twenty days. I must report that I’ve failed miserably to make the goal. I’ve worked every day but too many breaks for other priorities have gotten in the way of this one. I’ve managed only five new poems (plus two that I discarded).

Part of the problem is that the poems are all on unrelated subjects so background work slows me down, and part is due to a requirement to use a wide variety of poetic techniques. I like what I have so far but each new addition to the collection is taking two or three days instead of one. No complaints. I’m enjoying the work. I just underestimated how long this is going to take.

The final manuscript for this project isn’t due until January so there’s lots of time. I just wanted to get a good start so my partner would have plenty of material to work with. Considering my own schedule with its various breaks for trips, I hope to wrap up my work on this sometime in late summer or early fall. That allows for work on five other books I’m finishing, contemplating, or fiddling with in my spare time.