Susan and Danny Hutchens

Hi everyone,

Two days ago Sandy and I had the pleasure of a visit from our formerly-from-Missouri-now-from-Colorado friends, Susan and Danny Hutchens. They attended the Children’s Literature Festival in Warrensburg and were working their way home by way of a bit of sightseeing along the way.

Susan wanted to see Goose Lake because I natter on about it so much so I took them into our back yard and proudly introduced them to the lake. I pointed down the steps from the top of our yard to the water and explained that sometimes “Mother Goose” nests on the landing and I often have conversations with her.

Sandy walked to angle that allowed her to see the landing. Sure enough, there was Mother on her nest. Right on cue.

Last year the lake rose and drowned her eggs. Plus, this year we have sighted foxes in our yard. I fear the worse but intend to have a chat with Mother before long. I’ll let you know her mood.


Yesterday’s radio talk show

Hi everyone,

Yesterday Sandy and I had a good time on Larry Freund’s show along with co-host David Eslick.

Our thanks to Larry for inviting us. Sandy fielded questions about her years as a high school counselor and how much she enjoyed working with students, teachers, and parents. She also responded to questions about our gift store, Gamble’s Gifts, and talked about our most important lines, including Waterford Crystal, Lladro, Vietri, Thymes, and gurgle pots, as well as the hard work of going to markets year after year to seek new trends and products to keep customers coming back. She doesn’t know how many markets she has attended but in the thirty-three years we’ve owned the store she estimates the number at over seventy markets in Dallas, Kansas City, Atlanta, San Francisco, New York City, and Las Vegas.

One point Sandy made was that the store is open even though the entire shopping center is under dramatic renovation and gives the appearance that no one could possibly be conducting business under such circumstances. Here’s what we’re dealing with these days, and will be for another several months.

During my parts, I mostly talked about books and literacy and my new releases. I even had a chance to read a poem from A PLACE TO START A FAMILY and two from CRAWLY SCHOOL FOR BUGS.

Again, our thanks to Larry and David.

Poetry Month at No Water River

BULLETIN: Sandy and I will be on Larry Freund’s KWTO W-FACTOR RADIO talk show this morning at 10:00 CST, 560 AM and 93.3 FM, to discuss books, education, and other topics that might come up. Join us if you can.

Hi everyone,

My pal Renee LaTulippe is up to doing good stuff again over at No Water River. Throughout the month of April she’ll feature a poet/poem/prompt each day. I hope you’ll make a note to check in with her each day throughout the month at

Here’s a way to view the upcoming schedule. Sorry I’m making it a multi-step procedure. Not smart enough to do in one. Doc1

Renee, thanks in advance. It promises to be a great month at No Water River!

Off to a proper start

Hi everyone,

The Warrensburg Children’s Literature Festival lived up to its usual high standards. This marked the 50th anniversary of the event started by teacher Phil Sadler and librarian Ophelia Gilbert and the tradition goes on with more than 4,000 kids there this year. My appreciation to festival director Maya Kucij for including me again.

Yesterday was the official pub date for CRAWLY SCHOOL FOR BUGS so it was fun telling the kids and reading some poems from the book to them. One of their favorites was the school motto:

Crawly Bugs
are always cool.

We obey
the Golden Rule.


Crawly! Crawly! Crawly!

(c) by David L. Harrison

I was also pleased that another new book, A PLACE TO START A FAMILY, sold out on the first day.

New book out

Hi everyone,

Today is the official release day for CRAWLY SCHOOL FOR BUGS. Copies of it are available here at the Children’s Literature Festival in Warrensburg and early reactions are encouraging.

So are the early reviews by Kirkus, Publishers Weekly, and Booklist.

And so are the first sales rankings on
#46 in Books > Children’s Books > Literature & Fiction > Poetry > Humorous
#259 in Books > Children’s Books > Animals > Bugs & Spiders
#398 in Books > Children’s Books > Literature & Fiction > Poetry > Stories In Verse