Word of the Month word for the merry month of May

Hi everyone,

I heard someone say that April’s word, “making,” was a challenging word. I thought so too but it inspired a lot of excellent writing. I enjoyed all your poems and thank you for participating. As you know, I delete everything at the end of each month so there is no permanent record of your work unless you keep one. Word of the Month is strictly an exercise but it’s a good one and has endured now for seven years. If I thought there was a book in it, I would save your work or ask you to select your favorites to resend, but there’s really no theme and I’m afraid that such a project would never get off the pad.
Be that as it may, this is May, so let’s not fight it. The word for May is MAY!

A number of librarians have joined us over the past month and I am convinced that librarians are poets at heart. Let’s hear from you!

Location location location

Hi everyone,
The spider isn’t big. But it knows a thing or two about where to build its web. You can’t see them in this picture but the web is speckled with carcasses of tiny insects that fly up from the hedge below.20160412_103846_resized Besides, there are those two mouth-watering, plump geese that munch their way back and forth across the grass, so tantalizingly close! It would only take one and the spider will never need to hunt again!

Last day of my poetry display

Hi everyone,

Today is the last day of my display in the entrance hall of The Library Center in Springfield, Missouri. It has been a pleasure to know that a lot of people have seen my samples during April and I’m grateful to everyone at TLC for inviting me to put my poetry related books and materials in the showcase to celebrate National Poetry Month.
If you live in the area and would like to see the display, it will be up all day today and I’ll go out at 10:00 in the morning to put everything back in boxes and take home.

Imagination Library

Hi everyone,
David and Dolly
As some of you know I’m involved in Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library in Springfield. I helped bring the right folks together to get us going and on paper I continue to chair the steering committee. We’re all grateful that our United Way agreed to sponsor the program here and the real brains of the outfit is the United Way’s Cindy Howell.

Although the cost of providing twelve books per year for each enrolled child under five is only $25, we have many thousands of children in that group so we are constantly looking for ways to raise the funding we need to maintain what we’ve accomplished so far and allow the program to grow. This is from a note I just received from Cindy.

“We are again participating in Give Ozarks Day, May 3 with our emphasis on raising funds for Imagination Library. We have set a goal of raising $17,000 so we can be fully funded through the end of the year. This is also going out to our UW donors, volunteer leadership and campaign volunteers, as well, asking to give the gift of books to our kids. No group understands this better than you. So, please send this out to your friends, distribution lists, far & wide, (you don’t have to live in Springfield to donate!)…think of it this way…we only need 680 donors at $25 each to reach our $17,000 goal!…I know between all of us that we know that many people…plus if they give $50…that makes it just a little easier…So Please, distribute to your lists, asking them to help us, help the kiddos who have little to no access to books in their home…ask them to look to the future…With Imagination Library, we are building future teachers, writers, leaders, mom’s & dad’s..Thanks so much! Cindy :)”

My thanks to Cindy, United Way, our wonderful steering committee, and everyone who adds Imagination Library to the list of causes worth supporting.


The word game

Hi everyone,
David giving brief remarks
On three occasions selections from my work have been performed by RAE (Resident Artist Ensemble), a Springfield based group of professional actors and, in some cases, their graduate students. Each time this happens I appreciate all over again what actors bring to the stage — any stage — to bring to life one-dimensional words on the pages of a book or script.
Sandy Asher
My post yesterday about Sandy Asher’s latest success as one of our nation’s leading playwrights reminded me of the two plays she has created that involve my contributions and that made me think of the times when RAE has thrilled me with their performances of my poetry and stories.IMG_9581 I love it when words find their mates in the performing arts. Here’s Byron Bigger’s Band performing some of my poems arranged into music. What could be more fun!