Ozarks Watch Interview

Hi everyone,

Last November I was interviewed as a guest on OzarksWatch Video Magazine in the Ozarks Public Television studios. The result was scheduled to be aired in February but it had to be postponed when the winter storms shut everything down. I’m pleased to say that interview has now been reset to air on three dates in April.

Sunday, April 4, 2:00pm
Thursday, April 15, 9:00pm
Sunday, April 18, 2:00pm

I’ll remind you as the dates approach but pass them along now for those who like to put events on their calendars in advance. I’ll post pertinent information in plenty of time.

Couple of things

Hi everyone,
One is that Jane Yolen is celebrating her 400th published book and is being celebrated by fans everywhere. Here’s the link to one of the articles coming out. https://www.masslive.com/entertainment/2021/02/prolific-childrens-author-jane-yolen-readies-400th-book.html?fbclid=IwAR31IWUgI2qE-gp47NabavYFiiH7Xpw_UWcQxHmSNNUTEALb4qNyYsS3lRc
Way to go, Jane. Did someone say you’re thinking 500 is in your future? I just hope I sell one more!

The other item is that I was asked this year to participate in Drury University’s “Match Madness” fund raiser by making a 10 minute video reading from AFTER DARK. It is now posted sometime. If you have young ones in the family or classroom, I hope you’ll check out the site at http://www.Drury.edu/read.

Tune in to watch live

Hi everyone,

THURSDAY EVENING AT 6:00 CST on Facebook Live, Laura Robb and I will be interviewed on the Robb Review. The session will be hosted by Evan Robb as we discuss our new book, GUIDED PRACTICE FOR READING GROWTH. The book, published by Corwin Publishing, is especially timely as a growing number of struggling readers everywhere fall further behind as a result of learning conditions during the pandemic.

This is a free event. We hope you will join us and invite anyone you know who might want to learn more about our book at https://www.facebook.com/evanrobbprincipal/

The word for March Word of the Month Poetry Challenge is…

Hi everyone,

Thank you to all who joined us during February for Word of the Month. We had some exceptional efforts. Kim Jasper posted a strong poem last night and I’m sorry to have to take it (and all February poems) down this morning to make way for March. Kim, I’m leaving yours up for a couple of extra days to give people a chance to see your work. I hope you’ll give us another sample for March.

Speaking of March, the word for this month is TIME. Cory Corrado, you have kept track of all the words we’ve ever used so you’ll know if this is a repeat. I don’t have with me the alphabetized list you were kind enough to send me so if this is a duplicate, in my defense I can only say it feels like time again.