Back in the wheel

Hi everyone,

I’m home again and back in the wheel. I lost some sleep at the conference so I gave myself half an hour more rest this morning.

I had some unusual questions from kids at this festival. One asked about my favorite publisher. Another wanted to know if the blank verse of Shakespeare had any impact on my writing. I was impressed!

This year Vivian Vande Velde couldn’t make it to the festival and she always takes pictures to share with the rest of us. Bill Anderson volunteered to be our roving photographer so I expect some candid pictures from him before long. I’ll share some of them if Bill hasn’t already.

Several teachers who attended the festival with their students expressed interest in participating in the Scholastic book with Mary Jo Fresch so I look forward to their input in the coming weeks. While waiting for teacher input, I’ll get back to other projects that need some attention. I have two meetings today but expect to spend most of the rest of it starting to catch up.

Home tonight

Hi everyone,
These children’s literature festivals make you feel like a kid again! This is the final day of this one. Yesterday went smoothly except that the room was crowded and got a little warm. We couldn’t open a window but a fan helped. This morning seemed to come early and the maid has forgotten to restock my coffee so decaf is going to have to do for now.

My schools today are Smithton R-VI, Parkade Elementary, Westran Middle School, Sni-A-Bar, Hale R-1, and Pilot Grove. Yesterday the kids ranged from 3rd to 8th grade so I expect more of the same today. I’m ready when they are.

Bring on the kids

Hi everyone,

Today and tomorrow will be busy ones but fun as groups of young students, grades 4-6, come for forty-five minutes at a time to hear some of their favorite authors and illustrators.

I plan to ask the teachers who accompany their kids if they might be interested in contributing to the book I’m doing with Mary Jo Fresch. Our deadline is looming and this is a great opportunity.

I hope your week is a good one.


Off to visit with kids

Hi everyone,

I’m in Warrensburg, Missouri today for my 36th time to participate in the Children’s Literature Festival. Last year I had to cancel to have my gallbladder removed and a hernia repaired. I’m glad to be going back this year!

As always I look forward to talking to the latest groups of children. More than 150 schools will be represented. I love seeing so many author and illustrator friends as well as teachers who come each year to bring their classes. I’m sorry to say that my good friend Susan Hutchens and her hubby Danny can’t make it this year but hope for better luck in 2018.

Spring is itching Goose Lake

Hi everyone,

It’s time for love around Goose Lake, or dating at least. Lately I’ve observed couples of ducks and geese strolling around yards, slyly checking out cozy nesting spots in window boxes and behind hedges. Down on the water, male Canadians are fussing over territory.

Early blooming trees such as plum and Bradford pear are showing off their finery in spite of temperatures that have vacillated from low twenties to high seventies over the past few weeks. Weeds are among us of course. And yesterday I finally spotted the first dandelions.

A handful of robins that overwintered here rather than spend the energy migrating are hopping around with more positive attitudes these days. Surely the worms will soon shake off their winter torpor and come out to give a hungry bird a fighting chance. Any day now I look for the return of the migrating robins from somewhere south, probably Florida, full of berries and looking for love.

By the way. I DID finish the poem yesterday afternoon. Or at least I think I did. I’ll come back to it today and will probably pick at it some but, Jane, I’m about ready to abandon it.