A day rummaging through files

Hi everyone,

A few days ago I received the article written about my work that will be appear in an upcoming edition of SOMETHING ABOUT THE AUTHOR. This will be my fourth time in the publication (1999, 2007, 2013 and this one) and each time I’ve been impressed by the work an assigned writer puts into it. I added a few updates, wrote a short essay about my work (at their request) and sent it back yesterday. Without illustrations it runs twelve pages. Probably more than anyone wants to know about this author. Anyway, it’s done.

Then I turned to updating my vita, a chore I hadn’t tackled since 2014. Now and then I need such a document to accompany submissions for conference proposals and such. That task took three hours and the document now runs nine pages, proof of my age if nothing else.

August beauty

ANNOUNCEMENT: Today on Kathy Temean’s blog she’s featuring me with an essay (Why Poetry?) I wrote for Evan and Laura Robb’s blog recently. I hope you’ll visit Kathy’s blog and leave a comment if you wish. Here’s the link: https://kathytemean.wordpress.com/

Hi everyone,

A lot of beauty on the patio this time of year thanks to a cool, rainy month instead of the usual bleaching, dry highs of 90 degrees. I took this through my dining room window. Later I noticed the ubiquitous water hose. It gets a lot of use around here so I guess it has a right to be present in the picture.

We sat outside last night and dined on pork tenderloin, salad, and broccoli. Goose Lake was a mirror. A pair of squirrels chasing each other for sport ran past our feet, a beautiful green hummingbird entertained us as it made its way from blossom to blossom around the patio, lingering at the hibiscus blooms, at one point two feet from my face. It was a serene evening. You need one of those now and then.

Poems of my journey

Hi everyone,

R.I.P., CONNECTING DOTS, published by Boyds Mills Press, 2004.


As starry hours slowly sweep
We turn together in our sleep.
Sometimes I wake and watch her there
In rumpled sheets and tangled hair
Pillow tucked beneath her head
Breathing near me on the bed —
A quiet every-night event —
Then drift away again, content.

Outside in dimly shadowed light
Voices thrum away the night
And as they sing their ancient themes
We mingle in each other’s dreams.
Time moves softly, slow and deep,
We turn together in our sleep
Until the morning comes and then
She wakes and life begins again.

(c) by David L. Harrison, all rights reserved.

Do you even recognize me now?

Hi everyone,

This is a long story.

Chapter One: my hair and eyebrows turn white. With my sometimes ruddy complexion, my eyebrows make me look rather like a raccoon in car lights.

Chapter Two: Sandy mentions this situation now and then and the gentleman who does her hair, my friend Ray Thomason, mentions this situation now and then.

Chapter Three: As a gift, Ray sends Sandy the chemicals necessary to turn a man’s eyebrows a shade darker than white.

Chapter Four. I spend twenty minutes on my back on the floor while Sandy applies the magic potion.

Chapter Five: Here I am gazing at the new me in my clever disguise. I figure I must look, what, fifteen years younger? Thanks to Ray and Sandy, I hope I don’t have to start beating off the chicks.

No more Pirates

Hi everyone,

I’m looking down the list of titles that Boyds Mills just took out of their line. I’m going to miss PIRATES and those wonderful paintings by Dan Burr. Its recognitions included: Kansas State Reading Circle List, 2009; NCTE Notable Poetry Books, 2008; nominated for Cybils Award; VOYA’s Nonfiction Honor List, 2009; Texas Bluebonnet Master Reading List, 2010-2011; Indiana Young Hoosier Book Award Master Reading List, 2011-2012; selected by Missouri Center for the Book to represent Missouri at the National Book Fair in Washington D.C., 2013.

Dan and I introduced PIRATES at Texas Library Association in 2008. We had no idea who the guy dressed like a pirate was. He just appeared and stood in behind us for the picture. The Center for the Book held a reception in Warrensburg for Dan and me. Here’s the link. What a great party that was! http://books.missouri.org/content/david-harrison-and-dan-burr-book-signing I didn’t attend the National Book Fair in Washington, D.C. Sandy said I should have gone. Cheryl Harness did you go the year your book was chosen? I think I heard that more than 100,000 people go to those affairs. Here's a poem from PIRATES, published by Wordsong, 2008, (c) by David L. Harrison, all rights reserved.


Nice and easy, Cap’n.
Do nothing you’ll regret.
We’re helping ourselves to all your gold
And we’re not finished yet.

I’ll have your pistol, Cap’n.
Your knife will also do.
Ah, those rings are pretty things!
Hand them over too.

What’ll the king say, Cap’n?
Seems you lost his loot!
Seems you lost your pistol, Sir,
Your knife and rings to boot.

What’ll the king say, Cap’n?
Your kindness can’t be matched!
Let’s hope the king’s as kind as you
And leaves your head attached.