Magic bags

Hi everyone,

My good friend Susan Hutchens has been subbing this week in a third grade class in Colorado. Yesterday she sent me a note to say that she had just read my book MISS GRUBB, SUPER SUB to her kids. I got out the book and ran across one of the activities that Miss Grubb dreams up for her charges. She hands them empty paper bags, takes them to the playground, and instructs them to fill their bags with what they see, hear, smell, and feel. She starts by placing fluffy clouds and happy birdsong into her bag.

When Susan told me about the great kids in her third grade class, I suggested that today she give them all bags to fill when they go to their playground. I’m eager to hear what the students collect. They promised to let me know!

My suggestion to you and the kids you know is to fill your own bags today on the playgrounds of your life. It’s an exercise that reminds me that we are surrounded by splendid things, many of which are worthy of a poem and all of which can make the day a little brighter.