Looking back more than 40 years

Hi everyone,

I left Hallmark in 1973 so I’ve lost touch with most of the people I once knew and worked with. A year or so ago I joined a chat group of ex-Hallmarkers to see if any familiar names might pop up. I’ve posted a couple of times, including one yesterday. I was delighted to hear from an editor on my staff forty-two years ago, Ellen Green, as well as another editor from then with whom I regularly keep in touch, Tina Hacker. And there were others who checked in. What a delightful experience. I believe it was John Hunt who started the group.

I was privileged to work with a lot of talented people. One of the editors had her PhD. Another, Pony Hannah, was a novelist who wrote the book, My Shadow Ran Fast, about Caryl Chessman, who was executed on May 1, 1960. We had two groups of editors, one for everyday cards and one for seasonal cards; a writing group who handled requests for specific card needs; and a clerical staff. Altogether we were about thirty-four strong and we got out all the sentiments published on Hallmark Cards. As part of my duties I also approved sentiments published as Ambassador Cards. I also met each morning in the art division as new cards were being illustrated to offer my opinion about how well the picture went with the sentiment and intent of each card.

After we moved to Springfield so I could take over my father’s concrete block manufacturing company, I returned to Hallmark once for a visit, but that was long ago. Today I’m sure I wouldn’t recognize my old stomping grounds. Thanks again, John Hunt!