Writers at Work coming soon

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I told you about Shannon Abercrombie’s 100 Days of Summer challenge. http://www.shannonabercrombie.com

Today I’ll remind you that on each Tuesday in July I’ll feature an episode of Writers at Work and the subject is MAKING ONLINE CHALLENGES WORK FOR YOU. Sandy Asher will take July 2 and 16.





I’ll do July 9 and 23, and Kristi Holl will bat cleanup on July 30.

Kristi’s web site: http://www.kristiholl.com

Kristi’s Writer’s First Aid blog: http://kristiholl.net/writers-blog

Find Kristi on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KristiHollBooks

I hope you’ll join us for those discussions.


100 Days of Summer

REMINDER: Don’t forget to post/comment/enjoy more of J. Patrick Lewis’s challenge to write poems inspired by favorite old sayings. Just scroll back one day before this and jump right in.

Hi everyone,

Shannon Abercrombie responded to my invitation to issue writing challenges via my blog. Thank you, Shannon! I’m printing part of your letter that explains the gist of your challenge. Good luck with it.

Dear David,
I read your post today about presenting a challenge on your blog. I’m running a challenge on my blog called 100 Days of Summer. It’s writing prompt/exercise challenge to keep committed to writing during the summer. Its been going really well so far. In the first 3 days over 100 people signed up. I’ve had a consistent climb in subscribers each day although most aren’t completing the prompt on a daily basis (Not that I blame them-writing when its gorgeous out is hard!).

Click here to learn more. http://www.shannonabercrombie.com


Shannon Abercrombie