Hi everyone,
THE HUFFIN PUFF EXPRESS was published 46 years ago in 1974 (five years after my first book for children came out) as one of several of my stories published by Western Publishing in Racine, Wisconsin. It’s one of the books you can hear now on TELL ME A STORY, KOLR10-TV’s podcast in Springfield, Missouri. Go to to find THE HUFFIN PUFF EXPRESS read with gusto by Jeremy Rabe as well as eight other of my books read beautifully by station talents. You’ll also find my first book, THE BOY WITH A DRUM there too.

Deanna Smith Schuler just commented that this is one of her favorites and I admit it’s one of mine too. It gives me satisfaction to see it still has a respectable ranking on Amazon and was reviewed by a reader as recently as July 2019. All the reader reviews but two have been 5 stars except for a 4 from one reader who was cranky about the price of the book and another who said it was her son’s favorite book but gave it a 4 anyway. Others have called it, ” Important healing tool for babies and toddlers,” “One of our favorites not written by Dr. Seuss,” and ” Best train book ever.”

HUFFIN PUFF EXPRESS has come a long way from its original 35 cent price to today’s $17.50. So far it has been a good ride.