Another wonderful experience in South Carolina

Hi everyone,

Loved being at SCIRA and seeing old friends/making new ones. My sincere thanks to president Vickie Brockman, conference chairperson Susan Fernandez, and all the committees who worked long and hard to make the 45th annual conference so successful. I loved seeing my old pal Joan Stevenson, who managed book sales.

Our room looking down on the beach wasn’t too bad either!

On flights going I worked on an idea for a new science-based picture book. On the return flights I was busy thinking about a new anthology that seems to have general support from several authors.

P.S. I now return to goo foffing.

A day filled with promise

Hi everyone,

First, I step out the patio door to sip coffee and watch this scene.

This afternoon Sandy and I leave for SCIRA at Hilton Head. Tonight there’s a party. Tomorrow and Saturday I earn my keep, and I’m ready.

And just in time for the conference, Sam Bommarito and Glenda Nugent are publishing the Winter Issue of Missouri Reader, which includes an entire section on poetry and includes an article I wrote plus a number of others. It’s a beautiful issue and I can’t wait to show you some of it over the weekend.

It’s a day of great promise.

Time to practice

Hi everyone,

I look forward to participating in the South Carolina International Reading Council conference this weekend at Hilton Head, SC. I haven’t been in several years and have missed many friends there so this is going to be like a reunion.

As one of the featured authors I’ll give a one hour presentation Friday morning and repeat it Saturday morning. I’ll sign books, enjoy the conference, and catch a late Saturday afternoon flight back here. I’m happy to say that Sandy is going with me.

This is the 44th annual state conference for SCIRA. This year’s theme is “Literacy…with Love.” My talk is titled, “If I Can Write, Your Kids Can Too.” I’ll present seven ways authors prepare for their work and relate how the same approaches help students improve their own writing.

I don’t always prepare talks with PowerPoint but this time I did so today I’ll be in rehearsal to make sure it all works. Between now and departure on Thursday, I need to work out the kinks and be ready. Wish me luck.

Getting ready for Texas

Hi everyone,

Today I’m pulling the last of my thoughts together for next week’s TLA conference in Dallas. TLA is always a great conference. Boyds Mills is sponsoring me to mark the publication of CRAWLY SCHOOL FOR BUGS and I’ll also sign the new title, A PLACE TO START A FAMILY for Charlesbridge.

On Tuesday I’ll be part of a gang of poets in Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong’s pre-con workshop taking turns talking about selected subjects. I chose “Science through Poetry.”

On Wednesday I’ll join Sylvia, Janet, and others to speak about poetry related subjects. My topic is “Word of the Month Poetry Challenge.”

I’ll wind up on Thursday being a featured poet in another Sylvia classic: Poetry Roundup. I have 8-9 minutes to read some of my poems and I look forward to it. I enjoy hearing other poets read their work too.

Asilomar SIXTY SIX, The Language Arts Conference

Hi everyone,

The co-chairs of The Language Arts Conference, October 6-8, have given us the green light to talk more about the event now that registration is open. I’ve mentioned this one before but here is some additional information for anyone who might be interested it heading to California in October to enjoy the scenery, the ambience, and the conference.

This year the theme is “Excellence Through Equity, From Powerful Vision to Everyday Reality.” Here is the link. The two keynote speakers are Pedro Noguera, Distinguished Professor of Education at UCLA and Carol Jago, Editor of California English and past president of NCTE. There are more than twenty sessions presented by others over a range of subjects that in some way touch on the theme. Mine is a hands-on workshop called “The Equity of Poetry in Teaching Core Subjects.” I’m also giving an “Around the Fire” talk on Saturday night.

This past weekend I read about each of the sessions and their presenters and made an interesting discovery. Out of twenty-seven speakers I found only a couple who aren’t professors, teachers, librarians, or retired teachers. Unless I overlooked someone,Gillian Wegener and I are the only poets. If not enough teachers sign up for my session, I could wind up going to California as a tourist or staying here to gaze at Goose Lake. Might not know until June 10.