Huffin’ and puffin’ away

Hi everyone,

My thanks to TINA HACKER for making and posting this announcement yesterday on a site maintained for Hallmark folks, past and present. It would be special to see some people I worked with, back in the day, when I speak at The Writers Place in November. Tina, thank you for sponsoring me for that event. I am looking forward to being back in Kansas City! Maybe some friends from the Springfield area and elsewhere will make plans to attend the free evening that is open to the public.

Yesterday I agreed to make a pre-recorded video with LAURA ROBB, JANAY BROWN-WOOD, and MARGARITA ENGLE for the NCTE conference in November. We’re already set to present at 10:30 a.m. the morning of November 21 in Anaheim.

On today’s agenda, I’ll pick up some pictures I ordered from photographer RANDY BACON from his recent exhibit in partnership with Ozark Literacy Council, “Words and Pictures.” Later in the day I’ll meet with an editor via Google. For now, it’s back in the wheel.

Going to NCTE this fall?

Hi everyone,

We now know that our proposed panel on poetry has been accepted for National Council for Teachers of English (NCTE) in Anaheim in November. If you plan to attend this year’s national conference, I hope you will make an effort to come to our session. I’ll tell you where and when as details are published.

Thanks to LAURA ROBB for getting us organized and to


and MARGARITA ENGLE for making this such a dynamite foursome.

Our title is, “Poetry: Lights Our Imagination and Humanity.”