Talks and School Visits

I give a lot of keynote talks, presentations, and banquet speeches, including university commencement addresses and professional development workshops. I tailor my talks to the theme or need of the particular event. You’ll find some of my titles under VISITS on my website: . I can’t remember giving the same one twice. I’m a humorous speaker and can talk about the natural connection between young readers and their authors, the importance of reading to young children, and how poetry serves as a useful classroom teaching tool. Because I write in three genres for children and also author and co-author teaching strategy books, my subjects vary. If you would like more information, contact me at

My school presentations support what is going on in the classroom. I ask teachers to give me suggestions on how I can reinforce their current focus while bringing my own insights based on personal experience as a writer. Although I’m comfortable with students from kindergarten through high school I work with primary grades more than any other.

Authors become a resource for teachers when we share how writing happens. Writing can be pleasant but it’s also a messy process and young writers need to understand that before they become frustrated with their own early efforts. Writing should be, and for most kids can be, a rewarding experience. I work to help them enjoy the process while they’re learning.

I read from my work, frequently choosing humorous poems, and explain how some of my books began so kids can understand how ideas originate. I stress the importance of learning about a subject before writing about it and provide numerous ways for students to discover and develop their own writing ideas.

To learn more about booking me for your school, contact me at .

4 comments on “Talks and School Visits

  1. I have some homeschooling mom friends who would like to know if they can submit their children’s poetry.


    • Hi Claire,

      Home schooled students are welcome to join the fun. We ask that parent/teachers hold their students to standards of writing achievement that meets those of student writers in formal schools. Each teacher is limited to the best three poems per month by their students.


  2. Hi David, I am a writer and always looking for new writer websites and blogs. I happened upon yours. Although, I do not write poetry I did read it orally competitively in Forencsics in both High School in College. I think your ideas are great in the class room . I also taught for 20 years in the class room N/K .

    • Dear Kay,
      Forgive me for overlooking your comment from last year. I don’t know how I missed it. I don’t know if you are still following my blog but either way I thank you for stopping by on March 8, 2013 and leaving your thoughts here. With best wishes for a good summer, David

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