If you can’t laugh at yourself . . .

Hi everyone,

Yesterday morning’s adventure:

1. My phone stopped working two nights ago. It rings once and then Verizon Wireless (or something) ends the call. I was going to take the phone in yesterday morning but didn’t get a chance to because:
2. I fixed Bloody Mary’s and brought them to the living room. Sandy had stepped outside to pluck dead blossoms from the hibiscus plants. I followed her out to take her drink and closed the door behind me. When I heard the click I knew we were in trouble. Sandy sometimes forgets to turn off the lock. I always double check her. Yesterday morning I didn’t. Her phone was inside. I was in my pajamas. No key. Locked out.
3. Our neighbor across the street is out of town. She has no key but would have let us in to use a phone, and Sandy needed a restroom.
4. I texted Robin. She tried to call but of course that didn’t work. I texted that we needed her key. My messages weren’t making sense to her.
5. I texted grandson Kris. At first he didn’t get it either. I had a fine time trying to get through that we were locked out and needed them to bring their key.
6. Sandy and I both tried again to get our garage keypad to work. It hasn’t worked in ages. Still doesn’t.
7. Kris and his dad were out working together. He and Tim went home, got the spare key, and started our way. We didn’t know it yet.
8. Robin finally responded that the guys were on their way just as they walked around the corner with the key.
9. I tried to put the key into the lock on a patio door. The key didn’t work. Sandy insisted that it was the right key. She tried it in every door on the back.
10. I kept saying it was not the right key. Pajama-clad, I took the key around to the front door. It didn’t fit that lock either.
11. Back to the back yard. I sent Jeff a text in Oregon about the keypad to see if he had some ideas.
12. At that moment Sandy walked out onto the patio and waved and laughed.
13. I asked her how the $#^@ she got inside.
14. The front door had been unlocked the whole time. When Sandy went over to feed our neighbor’s cat that morning, she didn’t think to lock the door when she came home.

And that, friends, is how we spent much of our Saturday morning.

Happy birthday, Kris Williams!

Hi everyone,

Today we celebrate our grandson’s birthday. Therefore, we’ll party hearty in Kris Williams’ honor.
Not that we haven’t been taking advantage of every excuse to party. Thursday night, for example, was Fish Taco Night, thanks to the combined talents of Jeff, Josie, Tim, and all the little people who did what they could to help. Jeff prepared fish and shrimp. Josie toasted the taco shells, prepared a rice dish, and fixed fantastic salsa dishes. Tim cooked the corn. I made Margaritas. People everywhere I tell you! It was some party!


In between

Hi everyone,
David publicity photo
Yesterday I finished the middle grade novel of the Amazon. What will happen to it who knows, but it is a story I had to write. The idea has been in my mind for 17 years so it needed to come out.

This morning I’ll get back to a story I started recently and am eager to pick up again. I’ll also spend an hour or two going over the layout for a new book of poems that has a pub date of next spring. I also have some manuscripts that need to be in circulation that I keep postponing because I’d rather work than market. Should be a busy day.

Grandson Kris Williams and his friends from Norway — Thor-erik and Trond — came over to relax in the pool again last night. I think the guys are having a good time here and we enjoy having them over.