Coming tomorrow? Well of course you are!

Hi everyone,

I finished a new story yesterday. It’s not my usual fare. I’m not sure where to send it. This happens to me, on rare occasions. No matter how hard I try to stay in my known groove, somehow my muse tickles me and I go tumbling over the side, and I come back wagging a souvenir from another part of my brain. This is either a really good story or one I’ll wonder for years why I ever thought I should write it. Last time this happened I got tangled up trying to explain how to housebreak a cow. Maybe this is a necessary procedure, like cleaning out ear wax once in a while. Ah well…

You aren’t forgetting about my party tomorrow are you? Got it on your calendar? I hope this won’t keep you from coming. I’m counting on seeing you here.

Holiday blog party time!

Hi everyone,

Have you been dreaming about a party? One without masks? One where everyone is perfectly safe? A party where you can see old friends and make news ones, catch up on news and gossip, ask questions of people you’ve been wanting to talk to? Well dream no more.

This Wednesday, December 16, I’m having a virtual blog party here on Goose Lake. We can all use a break, even a short one, to relax and share good company. I expect a strong turnout of friends, colleagues, and loved ones throughout the day, and I especially hope YOU will be here!

Did I mention that dress code is casual? Mark Wednesday on your calendar now so you won’t forget to join me. Many people drop in and out all day to see who else has arrived. I always do my best to greet everyone as they arrive, but if I lose you in the crowd, speak right up and let everyone know you’ve come. To do that, click on the little balloon in the upper right corner of the post, scroll to the bottom of the list, and post your comment. If you want to say something to another guest, click on the box where you find them and post there.

I do my best to get out the word about these events but the more you help, the merrier the crowd. I don’t get #tag but will try to learn by Wednesday. Meanwhile, please share the word with anyone on your own social media lists who might like to come by and meet new friends. Every year we have a lot of visitors who “look over the fence,” as Pat Lewis used to put it, but don’t join the party. I hope this time we’ll have more peeps open the gate and come on in.

See you Wednesday.


And that, folks, was some party!

Hi everyone,

My thanks to one and all who came by yesterday. It was some party. Don Barrett arrived shortly before 6:00 a.m. and we never looked back. When I went to bed, Jane Heitman Healy had come back by for a nightcap after putting in a long day and was visiting quietly with Janine Clark-Barry. Matt Forrest Esenwine recited a neat poem he wrote for the occasion and said his goodbyes. Carol Varsalona showed up with a cake still warm from the oven. Tina Hacker got there bleary-eyed from binge watching episodes of a favorite program and I remember Su Hutchens worrying about Sandy having to clean up. I tucked myself into bed with the murmur of friendly voices in the living room lulling me to sleep. Long after I dozed off Joy Acey showed up from Hawaii where, as she reminded anyone who was still up, it was much earlier where she lives now.

From Don’s arrival at 5:46 a.m. the 24th to Joy’s at 2:16 a.m. the 25th our party was visited 547 times by people in 12 countries. Not everyone stayed to chat but 130 guests left 170 comments. Meanwhile over on Facebook 78 people left 58 comments, so even though there were some duplicates we logged a total of 625 visits and 228 comments from party goers. I haven’t checked back to previous parties but I’m sure this was our biggest and best ever.

As we go about the coming weeks managing in our own ways to amuse ourselves in isolation, I hope yesterday’s break from the routine will be a pleasant memory for many. I know it will be for me.

Party time at my house today!

Hi everyone,

Doom and gloom getting to you? Same here. What we need is a party! I haven’t had a virtual party at our house in ages and this feels like a good time to have one.

Please join me today right here and we’ll greet one another as friends and have a few laughs. You can stay six virtual feet away if you want to but I like hugs better and what the heck and why not?

The main rule of the party is to have fun. I know we’re all being effected by the pandemic, and you’ll have sympathetic ears if you feel the need to share your story and concern, but the main idea of getting together today is to celebrate all the good things we have and spend a day sharing fellowship and talking of pleasant news. Come early or late, or come early and stay late.

In the past many guests have brought refreshments. Bring something if you like, but if you don’t have time to prepare anything for heaven’s sake come anyway. I want to know what you’re up to. Are you writing or illustrating something that excites you? Have questions for someone else at the party? New article coming out? Having a special day/event? Any announcements? It’s a party. Tell others. Bring friends. Introduce them. I know the world is a scary place now, but for just a while let’s relax together. Please come. It won’t be the same without you.

You are invited to my house tomorrow

Hi everyone,

You are hereby invited to my house tomorrow for a virtual blog party. It has been far too long since we all got together and I think it’s time. A lot has happened since my first party in December 2015. Who could have predicted then what we’re living through now? It’s not to make light of the current situation but because of it that we need to spend some virtual time in the company of friends and loved ones from around the world.

Please make plans to drop by. Reach out to your own contacts and invite them too. Let’s share some joy. Sing if you want to. Dance. Bring your saxophone. Recite poetry. Share a favorite quote. Come early. Come late. Drop in and out during the day. Nothing is more casual than my parties. To join the chatter all you need to do is click in the balloon in the upper right-hand corner of the page, enter your comment in the “Leave a reply” box at the bottom, and click to post it. Presto, you’re at the party. I’m eager to see you tomorrow!