Back in business

Hi everyone,

Help is just a JEFF away. The impossible for me takes him a couple of minutes, this time less, to resolve. I also asked Jeff, our family photographer, to send me some recent pictures that I can use for blog and Facebook posts. So many of the ones I’ve been using are dated. Last night I received several dozen candid shots from his files. Be prepared for some updated pictures of what I look like these days!

Turns out I still like to dance her around the kitchen now and then.

Three guys on a bench

Hi everyone,

Have I posted this picture before? One of my favorites. We were on a family trip. While others shopped, my grandsons, KRIS WILLIAMS and TYLYER WILLIAMS (as you look at the picture, Kris is on the right) waited on a bench outside. The way we were seated brought to mind the old Japanese pictorial maxim: See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil.

It seems to me that the advice is needed today more than ever.

Kris is now 32, Tyler, 28, two fine young men I’m proud to claim as my grandsons. ROBIN and TIM WILLIAMS, you have done well! Here’s Kris.

And here’s Tyler.

The smile here could be because that’s Josie beside him. They do that a lot.

JEFF HARRISON, as I so frequently do, thank you for the pictures!

Hard to leave this place

Hi everyone,

We didn’t plan to stay quite so long in Portland but there’s a lot to see and do out here and we’ve had new adventures. I had trouble sleeping last night so I worked from 4:00-6:30. Got drafts down for two poems. Then it was nap time for sure!

I’m glad you like my W.O.M. offering. I’m enjoying your poems too. Keep them coming!

I’ve decided to use PowerPoint slides for my talk about writing for children at The Writers Place next month. It takes time to put them together but in this case I have a number of points to make and the slides should help. If you’ve given any thought to attending, keep thinking. I would love to see your there.