Taking fun where you find it

Hi everyone,

Yesterday was the last day of our lease so it was all hands on deck to take down shelves, take out trash, and clean up and haul away the final loads of odds and ends. To relieve the tedium, Jeff and friend/neighbor Linda Goodman engaged in a duel with yard sticks. You have to take your grins where you can find them.

Thanks to Robin, Tim, Jeff, and Linda for all their help. We were nearly too weary to stand by the time we finished at 8:00 or so last night. Now we have everything that was left of Gamble’s safely stored so that Sandy can greet customers and go about the business of placing remaining merchandise for sale online.

Who nds “e” anyway?

Hi everyone,

Got a new keyboard and wireless mouse from Jeff for Father’s Day. I’m going to love it once I learn how to hit the key of “e” properly. At this point most of the time “the” will look like “th” and Goose Lake will come out Goos Lak.

This is probably a good prompt. Mayb it will inspir som of you pots to writ somthing cut and clvr.