My new website page

Hi everyone,

Have you seen the newest revision to my website page? Kathy Temean has done her usual stellar job. If you haven’t dropped over there lately, here’s the link,, although it’s also a click away if you scroll down a bit along the right margin of this page. Anyone interested will find a lot of information about my work and some history about me.

If you like the page and haven’t signed my guest book, I hope you’ll take a minute to do that.

Come see my new web page

Hi everyone,
Have you visited my website lately? Kathy Temean just finished revamping the cover to include a recent picture to replace the one that had been there since she created the site in 2009. I know, about time. Anyway, here’s the link:

(Photo thanks to Nathan Papes, Springfield News-Leader)

I also like the way Kathy has arranged the page to show my five most recent titles and repeats the upcoming AFTER DARK across the top of the page. w00t!

While you’re at it, please look around the site. There is a lot of information and maybe some of you haven’t spent much time checking it out. If you haven’t signed my Guest Book, I hope you’ll take a minute to do that. Thanks!

Gamble’s Gifts for the holidays

Hi everyone,
These are busy days for retailers. At Gamble’s Gifts we’ve had our Christmas Open House sales, Thanksgiving Sales, Black Friday Sale, Small Business Sale, and now it’s scratch and survive as we sprint toward the last days before Christmas — and then, of course, the Day After Christmas Sale. Whew! If you’d like to be on the mailing list for the 12 Days of Christmas Sale (yes, that still a different sale), contact the store at and give them your e-mail address. IMAG1806If you’d just like to browse the store’s website, here’s how to do that. There’s still time to ship if you see anything you like. Yes, we experienced Cyber Monday too.
I don’t mention our store often and probably should. Sandy works hard with our staff to keep the displays looking good and we go to markets every year to buy new products.IMAG1808 If you’ve been in retail, you know it’s a demanding line of work but small stores like ours somehow manage to survive in spite of the competition from chains and online giants.
So here’s to my wife, the soul of the store. And here’s to being in the gift business since 1984. Thanks Sandy Harrison.

Blog changes

Hi everyone,

I forgot to point out that I changed two of the headings above my blog page. I replaced the note to principals with information about my conference talks and school visits, and I replaced my speaking schedule with interviews and videos. Check them out when you have time. Some of the same information will show up on my website once we make some adjustments there, but I didn’t think it would hurt to make this material available on the blog too.

By the way, if you haven’t signed my guest book on the website, I would be delighted if you would. You can get to my website by scrolling down the right column beside my blog until you come to the website box or you can get there by clicking on

Please sign my guest book

David on rock 5

Hi everyone,

Blogs are more fun than websites, I know. I’m proud of my website, which was designed and is maintained by Kathy Temean, but even I don’t go to my website as often as I drop by my blog to see what readers might have to say that day. A blog is a living thing compared to the trophy room of a website.

Nevertheless, the website is there to provide information about the author for those who might have an interest. It’s like setting up your own card table at a festival signing where each author vies for the attention of the patrons already burdened by sagging book bags, picking up this title or that, flipping through a couple of pages before deciding whether to invest or move on.

Each of us wants to have a card table that attracts attention and Kathy did a really nice job decorating mine. I couldn’t have done it and I’m grateful to her. Now and then I have a new title come out, or maybe I’m lucky enough to receive some attention for one book or another, so I tell Kathy and she moves things around on the table to accommodate the latest addition.

If you haven’t checked out my website lately, I would be pleased if you decide to pay it a visit. If not for me, at least think of Kathy. What about HER feelings? I think more than 160 people have signed my guest book now. If you’ve never done that, feel free to add that to your New Year’s resolutions.