Reference list of speakers, authors, and illustrators

Hi everyone,

Times change. A growing number of authors and illustrators who have supported the annual Children’s Literature Festival in Warrensburg, Missouri are no longer participating in the event. More than two dozen of us have joined to make a list of who we are and provide contact information for those who would like a handy, quick reference. I’m posting the information for the first time today. I hope you will share the list with others who might be in a position of searching for good books and/or talented speakers for conferences and school visits. (I have no idea why, when I copied and pasted, some of these addresses didn’t come through the process live. I assure they are all real and will all work when you copy and paste them into your e-mail to them.)


Hello to all our friends who have met us at past Warrensburg’s Children’s Literature Festivals. We’ve loved being with the kids, teachers, and parents who attend that wonderful event. As we move on to make room for other authors and artists, we don’t want to lose touch with you! Here’s who we are and how you can continue to follow us and our work or get in touch for conference appearances and school visits.

Collectively, we’ve written or illustrated hundreds of your favorite books and visited with young people all over the United States and beyond. Although some of our out of print books are hard to find these days, they are worth the effort! The list of honors our work has received would fill pages, but our purpose here is to make it easier for you to find us. You are an important part of our lives. We look forward to staying in touch.

Alexandria LaFaye
a link to my school visit video:
On Facebook
On Instagram and Twitter
Brenda Seabrooke:
Cheryl Harness
Claudia Mills:
Carole Adler:
David L Harrison:
Dean Hughes:
Dean Hughes, Author, Facebook Page
Gloria Skurzynski
Jane Kurtz
Janie (J.B.) Cheaney
P.O. Box 634, Bolivar MO 65613
Facebook: J.B. Cheaney
Jan Greenberg
Joan Carris
1318 Pendleton Ct., Charlottesville, VA 22901
Judy Fradin
Kristi Holl
Lois Ruby
8223 Grape View Ct. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87122
505-293-5478 (home)
505-288-2194 (cell)
Marsha Diane Arnold
Facebook –
Twitter –
Website (currently being updated) –
Mary Downing Hahn
Mary Jane Auch
Michael Spradlin
Naomi Williamson:
Naomi Williamson, Professor Emeritus, Library Services
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Telephone: 660-238-8784
Sandy Asher:
Sneed B. Collard III
Stephanie Tolan
Teri Sloat
Website for books:
Website for art:
Phone: 707-823-4256
Veda Boyd Jones
Vicki Grove
Vivian Vande Velde:
William Anderson
Phone: 810 667 2012
Fb: William Anderson Author