And the Word of the Month for April is…

Hi everyone,

I’m glad so many of you found time to write a poem in March. I’ve enjoyed reading them and hope you had fun with the monthly exercise. Here we are entering the second quarter of 2021 so how about this for our April word: QUARTER.

Don’t forget, April is also National Poetry Month. If you or someone you know would like some ideas about ways to encourage students to celebrate the month, here’s the link again to my article in the new edition of MISSOURI READER called “55 Ways for Celebrating National Poetry Month — or Any Month.”

Let’s get going!

The word for March Word of the Month Poetry Challenge is…

Hi everyone,

Thank you to all who joined us during February for Word of the Month. We had some exceptional efforts. Kim Jasper posted a strong poem last night and I’m sorry to have to take it (and all February poems) down this morning to make way for March. Kim, I’m leaving yours up for a couple of extra days to give people a chance to see your work. I hope you’ll give us another sample for March.

Speaking of March, the word for this month is TIME. Cory Corrado, you have kept track of all the words we’ve ever used so you’ll know if this is a repeat. I don’t have with me the alphabetized list you were kind enough to send me so if this is a duplicate, in my defense I can only say it feels like time again.

The monthly replay

Hi everyone,

My thanks to all who bought a copy of GOOSE LAKE yesterday and brought it back from the forgotten. I appreciated that very much and hope you weren’t disappointed.

I have a virtual school visit tomorrow. Otherwise it promises to be a quiet week with plenty of time to finish a couple of projects and start one or two more. My M.O.W. says I need to get a haircut and straighten my writing clutter, but what does she know? After I get a haircut and straighten my clutter I have half a mind to tell her I don’t have to do what she says I have to do.

For those of you who plan to write a poem for February using REPLAY as your word of inspiration, we are about to run out of month. I hope you’ll find the time to share your poem with us.

The Monthly Replay

Here’s her latest whim,
Says I’m getting shaggy.
I don’t need a bossy she
To act like she’s in charge of me.
Pushy pushy, naggy naggy…
I think I’ll get a trim.

The word of the month for February is…

Hi everyone,

Are you prepared to acknowledge that 1/12th of 2021 is already history? What? All I can think of to do about it is to write a poem in its memory. Therefore, the word for February is REPLAY.

I was impressed by what you created while January was yet with us. Now it’s respective time. Let’s do it.

My January poem for Word of the Month

Hi everyone,

Negotiating Terms

Spring, timid pubescent,
atingle with mysterious yearnings,
blushes green, murmurs, “All right.”

Summer swaggers,
tramp for sweet nectars,
reproduction addict,
ravenous for life,
dances, yells out, “Yes!”

Fall, fashion aficionado,
covers fatal affliction with flair,
losing grip, summons last of waning strength,
flutters, “Sure, count me in.”

Winter, gowned in frost haute,
dazzles, turns you into a beggar,
allows you close but never within.
The terms are hers, the answer: “No.”

(c) 2021 David L Harrison, all rights reserved