Word of the Month Poetry Challenge word for April is . . .

Hi everyone,

I’ve never played an April Fool’s Day prank. Have you? I’d be interested in hearing one you’ve played or had played on you. Want to share with us? Might be fun.

Meanwhile, I’ve chosen FOOL as the Word of the Month for April. I think it has a lot of potential. Let’s see what you do with it.

If you know any teachers who are looking for meaningful activities for their students working from home, remind them of the Word of the Month Poetry Challenge for kids. Seems like the perfect time for them to join in the fun. Besides, April is National Poetry Month!

Stay safe.

My Word of the Month poem for March

Hi everyone,

I’ve been pondering and wondering what to write about for this month’s Word of the Month poem. An old memory came to my rescue.

I Wonder

I say my goodnights like I do every night,
calling them out in the dark from my bed –

“Good night, Mommy.”
“Good night, honey,” Mommy calls from their room.
“Good night, Daddy.
“Good night, son.”
“Good night, Mickey.”
“Good night, David,” my daddy answers in a gruff voice.
It ruins everything. Mickey’s my dog. He can’t talk.
“Stop it, Daddy!”
Now I have to start all over.

“Good night, Mommy.”
“Good night, sweetie.”
“Good night, Daddy.
“Good night, David.”
“Good night, Mickey.”
Daddy doesn’t answer this time.
Mommy giggles.
What’s so funny?

I get out of bed and tiptoe into their room and climb in beside Mommy.
Where did her nightgown go?

“Go back to bed, David,” she says.
“It’s past your bedtime,” Daddy says.

I go back to bed but now I have to start over.

“Good night, Mommy.”
“Good night.”
“Good night, Daddy.”
“Good night. Go to sleep.”
“Good night, Mickey.”
Daddy doesn’t answer.
Mommy doesn’t giggle.

I don’t understand grownups.
I wonder if I ever will.

— (c) 2020 David L. Harrison, all rights reserved

A picture of the March Word of the Month word

Hi everyone,

I can’t think of anything to add, except to express my gratitude to Arjun’s parents for allowing me to post their son’s picture today. Looking at a child with a book, I have to think our word for March should be WONDER.

I checked with Cory Corrado who told me I used this word in 2012, but it seems like time to bring it back for an encore. Wonder away, my friends.

The Word of the Month word for February is . . .

Hi everyone,

Are we ready for a new Word of the Month Poetry Challenge? I’ve been thinking lately about AGE so how about going with that?

And thank you for all the poetry fun in January. JOY turned out to be a good word and you took full advantage of it. As you know, I erase all the poems and comments at the end of each month so be sure you keep copies of your work if you want to save it for the future.

So off we go, onward and upward!

My Word of the Month Poetry Challenge poem

Hi everyone,

Here’s my Word of the Month poem.

where you find it

mechanic by trade
garage behind the house
early polio victim
knuckled around on powerful arms
shriveled legs swiveling forward

four front teeth top and bottom
wife with twisted body
disturbed reclusive son
unsmiling mother-in-law
keeping things together

taught me how to collect bird wings
let me pick pears still green
paid me five dollars to letter
a sign for his garage

one moonless night
played hide-and-seek
with his son and me
only found him finally
by the glow of his cigarette
up in a tree

who would look for a cripple in a tree
why would he think he could do it
cut his arm trying didn’t care
threw back his head
roared with glee

sometimes it comes unexpected
joy in the dark in the yard in a tree

(c) David L. Harrison, all rights reserved