Have more fun in June!

Hi everyone,

June seems like a good month to write and YOU feels like an excellent word to generate an outpouring of ideas. So this month let’s relax the tradition of posting one Word of the Month poem per poet and encourage folks to write as many poems as they want to. In other words, if YOU feel like writing more YOU, YOU can go for it.

For starters, it often helps me to make a list of ideas that spin off the monthly word. Use association the way we did not long ago when I started with frog and went from there. Or set yourself a goal to write a villanelle or a couplet or a standard ballad verse or a limerick or something in free verse and see where the form might lead you. Look up YOU in a thesaurus or dictionary and look for clues there that might lead to a new poem. Think of some of your favorite songs with YOU in them and do a parody or write your own song. YOU is worth it!

Please don’t procrastinate. The longer YOU put off writing the first poem the greater the chances YOU will let this golden opportunity pass. YOU know YOU can do this so get started at once thinking about the first poem YOU will write and how many others YOU have in YOU. Remember, we are counting on YOU!

Are you going to write a poem this month or not?

Hi everyone,

30 days down, 1 to go for anyone who still plans to post a poem inspired by this month’s word: JOKE.
So far we’ve enjoyed the work of Jeanne Poland, Linda Boyden, Janine Clark-Barry, Cory Corrado, Jane Heitman Healy, Don Barrett, Bryn Strudwick, Karen Eastlund, Jane Yolen, and Cheryl Harness. Have I missed anyone?

And the Word of the Month word for May is . . .

Reminder: If you want your name in the drawing for a free signed copy of AND THE BULLFROGS SING, don’t forget to go to Kathy Temean’s site and leave a note.

Hi everyone,

We finished with a surprising flourish in April. Way to go everybody!

Now let’s see what you can do with our new word for May. Drum roll please.

Our new word is JOKE.


Last chance to surprise your fans

Hi everyone,

My thanks to everyone for the many good poems this month. At last count we had 45 poems and comments under Adult W.O.M. Poems and another 13 under Young Poets W.O.M. Poems, plus those that were posted on the blog page itself. Way to go!

A special thanks to the young poets who surprised us this month by joining the fun with their own original poems. That was a special highlight for April. We hope to hear from them and other students again this and other months to come.

If you have been holding back all month telling yourself you’ll get around to writing a poem inspired by our April word, SURPRISE, today is your last chance! Let’s hear from you. If you work better under pressure, here’s your opportunity to show it.

Tomorrow the April word and all those glittering poems and words of cheer come down to make way for the word for May. Another month, another clean slate to write on. Can’t wait!