I need a vacation

David on rock 5

Hi everyone,

Since I sold Glenstone Block Company in 2008 I’ve kept a strict writing schedule. I don’t do much work on the weekends but weekdays I’m at it from 6:00 till 6:00 unless I have other obligations. And I love it, as I’ve said many times. Since 2008 I’ve had twelve books published and currently have five in progress, plus numerous articles, chapters, and presentations.

Next week I’m going to take a vacation from writing. There, I’ve said it. And I have witnesses. Starting a week from Monday I’m going to sleep in each morning. I’ll check e-mail and respond to editors and others with messages that need answering, but not a word will I jot for seven days.

Someone slap me if I falter. Except for my M.O.W. SHE might do it! (:>


Caption That Cartoon!

Hi everyone,

Here’s something new I hope you’ll enjoy. Do you ever look on the back page of THE NEW YORKER and make up captions for the cartoons there? I’m always surprised by the variety of captions people find to apply to the same picture. Sort of like looking at one word and finding multiple ways to become inspired. So I begged my friend, artist Rob Shepperson, to play along with me to bring you: CAPTION THAT CARTOON!

Here’s the first of what I hope will become a regular (or irregular) feature. See what you make of this picture and dream up a caption for it. Try as many as you want to and tell others to join the challenge.

If Rob’s work looks familiar, it should! We’ve done two books together, BUGS, POEMS ABOUT CREEPING THINGS and VACATION, WE’RE GOING TO THE OCEAN.

Rob has partnered with others, too, including award winning Carolyn Coman and J. Patrick Lewis. If any of you editors out there think it would be fun to see a new Harrison/Shepperson collaboration, we do too! Wink wink.

I’m including some links to help you get there faster to learn more about this talented artist. At my request he also included this brief bio.

Rob’s drawings of humans and animals can be seen in children’s books such as David L. Harrison’s BUGS, POEMS ABOUT CREEPING THINGS, and newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal. He is a graduate of the Kansas City Art Institue, and lives in Croton on Hudson, New York.