Poem of the Week – Bradley

Bradley written by David L. Harrison from THE MOUSE WAS OUT AT RECESS

UPDATE ON OUR WOZA WOZA POEM: Thanks to Cory Corrado for adding line 6. The mystery of Sandy Asher’s brown-clad creatures deepens!

Today I saw something I’ve never seen before,
A sea of cinnamon swirls surfing the forest floor.
Leaves you say? And well you may, but more it seemed to me,
Tiny brown-clad creatures surfed that swirling sea.

Tiny brown-clad creatures wearing leather hats
Trimmed with gold feathers! Can you believe that?

Now we need to consider who these diminutive, fashion-conscious creatures might be. Where did they come from? What are they doing? Where are they going? Remember, we are composing a 30-line poem so we can’t paint ourselves into any corners here. The story needs to remain open to further development, surprises, and adventures.