Barbara Robinson tomorrow

BULLETIN: My friend Jan Greenberg has won NCTE’s top nonfiction book award, the Orbis Pictus Award, for her picture book with Sandra Jordan and illustrated by Brian Floca, Ballet for Martha: Making Appalachian Spring. What wonderful news, Jan! Congratulations! Jan was my Featured Guest on September 10, 2010. She mentioned the book in that interview.

Hello everyone,

Tomorrow you are in for a treat. Barbara Robinson will be my Featured Guest. In addition to being one of our nation’s most gifted children’s writers and possessor of a sharp wit and easy sense of humor, you will note (below) that Barbara doesn’t believe in expounding on her accomplishments. I asked for a bio, I got a bio — short and sweet. You must now go in search of more about Barbara to know her better by tomorrow. You won’t be sorry.


Barbara Robinson is the author of some forty to fifty short stories and eight books for children, including The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.

Born in Portsmouth, Ohio, she attended Allegheny College, and has lived in Pittsburgh and Boston and presently lives in Berwyn, Pennsylvania. She has two daughters, Carolyn and Marjorie, and three grandsons, Tomas, Marcos, and Lucas, and all these people read books like crazy!

Thanks, Barbara. I hope you didn’t exhaust our readers.