A book by SWAP 8+1

Hi everyone,

Jeanne Poland was one of our poets who attended the workshop in Honesdale. You met her July 2 as my Featured Guest. Jeanne volunteered to put her skills together to create a book of original poems by our group. Since the workshop, members have been considering what to call ourselves because strong bonds were formed during the event that have continued since we parted. We’ve considered, “The Energizing Eight,” “Energizing Eight plus One,” and “SWAP 8+1.” (SWAP stands for Somebody Write a Poem.) I think the final decision is SWAP 8+1 (I’m the +1).

Anyway, Jeanne’s book catches the energy of the group and is entitled ENERGIZING EIGHT. She published it on Tikatok and you can order it there if you’d like a copy. Membership is free and it’s easy to join. There are some great books listed that have been created by young people so I hope some of our young poets are reading this today. Here’s a link to that site. http://www.tikatok.com/ . Poets included in the work are Ken Slesarik, Joy Acey, Jeanne Poland, Carol-Ann Hoyte, Cory Corrado, Susan Carmichael, Heidi Mordhorst, Rebecca Menshen, and me.

Time is leaking out of the balloon for anyone who intends to post a Word of the Month poem but hasn’t yet done so. Don’t miss the deadline!

REMINDER: July 25 at 12:00 noon CST is when I cut off entrees for July Word of the Month poems! Don’t get caught one line short of being ready! The word this month is SOUR. rubberman