Harrison School and Sunday Poets

BULLETIN: Thanks to Renee La Tulippe for hosting this week’s Poetry Friday. And thanks to Renee for plugging Sunday Poets on my blog. Here’s the link to Renee’s site. Go over and enjoy her bowl of poetic candy. http://www.nowaterriver.com/poetry-friday-a-bowl-of-poetry-candy/#comments-wrap .

Hi everyone,

Last night I had the joy of once again returning to David Harrison Elementary School to meet “my” students and the teachers, staff, and families who love them. I do try not to brag about Harrison Elementary but, between us, it’s one fine school! So today I’m giving you a couple of links to help you pay a quick visit. I hope you’ll enjoy it. Me being silly, using bookends for my head.

Library Media Specialist Susan Willenbrink

http://springfieldpublicschoolsmo.org/relocating/harrison.htm ,

Web site: http://springfieldpublicschoolsmo.org/ harrison.

On other matters, the second post for Sunday Poets goes up this Sunday and so far I’ve received two poems. If you intend to send me something, please do it at once. This weekend will be another busy one for me and it does take a little time for me to get these posts put together. Be sure to include the links you want to accompany your poem.


10 comments on “Harrison School and Sunday Poets

  1. Maybe someday I’ll share, David, but for now, I’ll enjoy others. I enjoyed seeing about your school, always lovely to get a peek at others & what they’re doing. To have a poet nearby (you) is a treasure. Have a great weekend.

  2. Elementary is where a marvelous love for reading, writing and enjoying poetry begins. I know your children’s books made a difference in my life…good work Mr. Harrison!! Continue being enthusiastic everything!!! Smiles, Anna

    • Thank you, Anna. I dearly love the library there. My picture is only of one small section of it. And the library is straight ahead when you walk through the front doors, the perfect place for a school library.

  3. What an honor to have a school named after you, David.
    Harrison Elementary is a beautiful school with interesting and exciting programs. A wonderful learning/growing/teaching environment. All the best,


    • Thank you, Renee! The speech I gave at the grand opening in 2009 went into a time capsule to be opened in twenty-five years. I can’t wait to read it again then! (:>

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