The voice of Goose Lake

Hi everyone,

After living on Goose Lake more than 28 years, yesterday I heard it speak for the first time. Daughter-in-law Jennifer heard it first when she took her dogs out in the back yard. She called Jeff and they came to my office for me. We stood on the rim of the lake and couldn't believe what we were hearing.

The sounds came from the ice, small burbling noises, like tiny whale songs, like nothing I've ever heard. According to a quick check, the ice was shifting. There are two unfrozen spots left on the lake so perhaps that left room for some movement of ice covering the rest of it. Anyway, it was a terrific experience and a new one for the three of us.

Later in the day the sounds stopped. Maybe Goose Lake was merely muttering to itself about more than one hundred geese slide-landing and tromping around on its icy surface. Perhaps it was singing a song of winter, of the new year. If trees could talk in Lord of the Rings, then why not a small lake in Missouri? I hereby claim that Goose Lake can sing, and it has a lovely voice.