And the word for December is . . .

Hi everyone,

I’d no sooner posted about the slight delay than I heard from our host, SUSAN CARMICHAEL, with the word for December. Thank you, Susan! In this 2011 picture, Susan is on the left chatting with HEIDI MORDHORST.

The word Susan has chosen to inspire our December poems is REINDEER! This should be a fun one. Ready? Set? Go! And thank you, Susan, for being such a good sport when I let the time slip by!

6 comments on “And the word for December is . . .

  1. December is time
    for dreidels and reindeer,
    for carols and songs,
    for cookies, latkes, eggnog.
    These help us navigate
    this darkest time of year,
    long nights,
    short, cloudy days.
    So turn on holiday lights,
    burn Chanukkah and Advent candles,
    burst into song.

    – Yvona Fast,

  2. New This Year!

    Santa loves his reindeer
    (the song shows this is true!)
    But maybe this year Santa
    should try out something new!

    I’d recommend some corgis
    to pull his sleigh so quick.
    They’re fast and oh-so-loving,
    They just might do the trick!

    I’d loan him my four corgis
    to start him on his way.
    They’ll work hard for kibble
    and lots of North Pole play.

    And when it comes to “tipping”
    the corgis won’t ask much –
    just share a plate of cookies
    and Santa’s gentle touch.

    So Santa – whatcha thinking?
    Does this sound like a plan?
    Just answer before Christmas –
    We’ll help you if we can!

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