Adjusting as we go

Hi everyone,

So here we are. We left Springfield on Monday morning headed to Dallas to change planes for a connection to Fort Walton and the one hour drive to the condo, scheduled to arrive at 3:00 p.m.

From Dallas we reached Fort Walton but couldn’t land because of poor visibility and were diverted to Charlotte, N.C. We eventually got to bed in a hotel at 3:00 a.m. CT.

Up at 9:30, missed breakfast beyond one cup of coffee and an unheated muffin. Off to the airport and wings up, after being stalled on the tarmac for more than half an hour, at 1:00 or so and touched down at Fort Walton by mid-afternoon. We drove our rental car to the condo and walked in slightly more than twenty-four hours after we had expected to.

I worked yesterday morning and kept my Zoom date with kids at Pirates Read through Parkview University in Missouri. This morning we’ll take Jeff back to the airport so he can catch a flight to Las Vegas to hook up with friends for a few days. We keep Petey the dog with us.

So far the goo foffing is not living up to expectations! But we’re here, that’s not at all a bad thing.

8 comments on “Adjusting as we go

    • Hi Jane! It was some trip this time. But it’s nice here and I’ll get a lot of work done along with a fair amount of relaxing, reading, etc. I just started Roland Smith’s new book, THE SWITCH. Great read!

  1. …and meanwhile back at the ranch, it’s 27*, schools still closed and the “white” is not so pretty anymore…my brother spoke of the 83* on Marco yesterday…⛄️⛷⛄️⛷

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